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Ensuring the integrity of process quality data is an absolutely critical component of cost-effective quality management and regulatory compliance initiatives. To provide quality management personnel with valid, actionable process data, manufacturers must deploy an agile gage calibration tracking software solution. Without reliable device management protocols, manufacturers may increase the risk of unknowingly producing nonconforming items, which can delay time-to-market objectives. In the worst-case scenario, invalid process data resulting from inaccurate equipment gages can lead to defective products reaching the open market.

Gage Calibration Screenshot To overcome this challenge proactively, the IQS gage (gauge) calibration software allows quality management personnel to perform routine MSA device analysis experiments such as RR ANOVA, RR attribute, RR range, bias and stability/linearity studies. In the past, manufacturers have relied on disparate third-party software applications to perform these different types of MSA experiments. IQS’ gage calibration software creates an integrated system to incorporate the results of various analyses via a single interface, eliminating the need to manage difficult-to-integrate software applications.

Through automation of MSA via gage calibration software, manufacturers can develop a calibration schedule that is well suited to the unique needs of their industry. Manufacturers in the automotive, medical device and the aerospace and defense industries have a particular interest in deploying an integrated gage calibration software solution. IQS’ gage calibration tracking software features the ability to automate escalation notices to the appropriate personnel in addition to integrating data gathered during receiving and in-process inspections. By deploying IQS’ software, manufacturers can further streamline quality management and regulatory compliance initiatives at a lower bottom-line cost.

In summary, the IQS Gage Calibration Software allows you to:

  • Perform routine MSA device analysis experiments such as RR ANOVA, RR attribute, RR range, bias and stability/linearity studies
  • Simplify notifications with color coded calibration status fields indicating device is OK for use on the floor, coming due or past due for calibration
  • Document and track calibrations for measuring devices and test equipment including: date and time of calibration, who performed the calibration, time to calibrate, temperature and more!

Other Applications

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"Gage Calibration" is part of the IQS line of products, developed by IQS Quality Management Software.