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In manufacturing, ISO 9000 standards require enterprises to develop preventive maintenance programs to establish compliance. According to ISO, ensuring that equipment characteristics correlate to key product quality characteristics allows manufacturers to adopt a process-centric approach to quality management and regulatory compliance. This broad concept of an ideal equipment maintenance system forms the basis of all on-site maintenance protocols.

In the past, maintenance protocols were handled by developing paper-driven quality management systems. Today, these paper-driven initiatives are a hindrance to achieving regulatory and industry compliance at an optimal cost to the enterprise. To overcome this challenge proactively, IQS developed its equipment management software application to eliminate the inherent redundancies and inefficiencies of paper-driven maintenance management systems.

Equipment Maintenance Screenshot The efficient management of documentation related to equipment maintenance is arguably one of the most daunting challenges of developing an automated maintenance system. Creating a spare parts and tools inventory alone encompasses reevaluating maintenance scheduling from an enterprise-wide perspective. Enterprises that conduct operations among disparate manufacturing sites and suppliers know the value of an automated, real-time maintenance management system. IQS’ equipment management software offers manufacturers the chance to reap the benefits of an automated system, eschewing the difficulties of disparate paper-driven maintenance scheduling protocols.

The IQS equipment maintenance software allows manufacturers to deploy an integrated platform to facilitate preventive maintenance initiatives. The benefits of an automated system include achieving an improved delivery time by decreasing the amount of downtime caused by untimely maintenance. The IQS software solution allows manufacturers to establish automated controls to notify quality personnel of maintenance-related issues, which improves process reliability by maximizing the lifespan of key manufacturing equipment.

In summary, the IQS Equipment Maintenance Software helps you:

  • Inventory all parts needed to successfully complete preventive work orders
  • Track equipment usage for traceability, accountability and maintenance scheduling
  • Automatically calculate last and next preventive maintenance dates based on your defined intervals when preventive work orders are saved
  • Deploy an integrated platform to facilitate preventive maintenance initiatives and more!

Other Applications

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"Equipment Maintenance" is part of the IQS line of products, developed by IQS Quality Management Software.