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To remain competitive in global manufacturing, enterprises must be able to track, audit and train employees efficiently. Properly managing employee skills and training records requires the deployment of integrated employee training software solutions. By adopting an enterprise-wide approach to the management of employee skills and training records, business decision-makers can allocate human resources by analyzing objective data on employee expertise.

IQS’ employee training software creates a single interface to develop and manage training initiatives across the board. As the rate of technological innovation in the manufacturing industry continues to accelerate, manufacturers must be able to educate employees on new information technology systems thoroughly. To overcome this challenge, IQS’ training management software allows enterprises to conduct periodic assessments of employee skills.

Skills management is an important component of a cost-effective employee training system. The IQS solution provides enterprises with an integrated platform to achieve this goal. The survey management features included in the IQS employee training software allow enterprises to maintain a complete inventory of employee education levels, job descriptions and certification records. By consolidating course management into IQS’ training software, enterprises can also maximize the effectiveness of developing employee skills internally.

The IQS software solution includes an automated notification function to keep employee certifications up-to-date. As new employees enter the system, IQS’ software features the ability to assign tasks based on skill level while integrating this information into other IQS software modules. By creating a complete employee skills and training system, manufacturers can deploy new technology faster while mitigating operating expenditures. In the automotive, medical device, aerospace and defense industries, global competitiveness demands no less.

In summary, the IQS Employee Training Software:

  • Creates a single interface to develop and manage training initiatives across the board
  • Manages job descriptions with skills including complete control of documents and revision control
  • Keeps track of employee personal information, past jobs, job descriptions, competency, qualifications and more!

Other Applications

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"Employee Training" is part of the IQS line of products, developed by IQS Quality Management Software.