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One of the most challenging aspects of coordinating quality management and regulatory compliance initiatives is how to properly manage each stage of an audit. Due to the immense growth of government-regulated and industry-specific quality standards, paper-driven quality management and compliance systems are no longer efficient when conducting audits.

The automotive, medical device, aerospace and defense industries have a particular interest in developing auditing systems to keep pace with a constantly changing regulatory environment. The compliance challenges facing these industries extend beyond the sphere of general ISO standards, including AS 9100, TS 16949 and FDA GXP mandates.

In the new global economy, competitive pressures alone demand that manufacturers develop proactive auditing systems. To overcome these challenges, manufacturers must develop audit management systems that help control the rising cost of maintaining regulatory and industry compliance.

Audit ManagementThe IQS audit management software ensures the integrity of internal, third-party and supplier audits by integrating audit documentation into an enterprise-wide platform. Quality management and compliance personnel can utilize an integrated platform to initiate follow-up procedures and escalate issues to nonconformance or corrective actions when appropriate. The IQS solution also features the ability to facilitate feedback derived from the results of performing internal audits among departments and personnel.

By deploying the IQS audit management software, business decision-makers can hold quality departments accountable while simultaneously preparing auditing systems to accommodate regulatory and industry audits. IQS’ audit management software also includes the ability to create audit templates as well as customized audit-related reports, charts and quality management system queries providing a fully integrated audit management solution.

In summary, use the IQS Audit Management Software to:

  • Focus on technical matters while the software tracks, inventories, schedules and performs all the time-consuming tasks involved in the audit process
  • Ensure that findings do not fall through the cracks by assigning responsibility, a due date and trending information for efficient and timely reporting
  • Automatically cross-references the audit result to the corrective action request so personnel responsible can launch the audit and review what happened and more!
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Other Applications

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"Audit Management" is part of the IQS line of products, developed by IQS Quality Management Software.