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The days of making business decisions just on hunches and suppositions are over. Instead, business analytics tools are growing increasingly important, especially in the manufacturing sector. Your competitors are already using such tools to make decisions, drill down on data, and understand their business, and if you do not do the same, you may be left in the dust.

Fortunately, we offer some great web-based software tools for manufacturers to get them to the next level. Improve your manufacturing quality with IQS Business Analytics software.

A truly integrated quality management system

IQS Business Analytics has some big benefits. With this easy to use and intuitive analytics product, our customers are able to harness the true power of their IQS integrated quality management system by allowing true business intelligence and ad hoc reporting. This can save your business money and time.

Decisions from real-time data

Using quality management software can help manufacturing businesses find points of inefficiency upon which to improve. IQS Business Analytics works with multiple sets of data points to help manufacturing executives make smart business decisions in real-time. Instead of waiting around to wade through multiple sets of information manually, the decision makers are able to make real-time decisions quickly and efficiently, thanks to the graphics generated by our analytics software.

IQS Business Analytics for Dashboarding IQS Business Analytics: Dashboarding and Ad-Hoc Reporting within the IQS Quality Management Software

Charts and graphs vs. tedious data reports

IQS Business Analytics software is able to graphically communicate information in a way that is accessible and understandable to manufacturing executives. The software can translate multiple points of data into easy to read charts and graphs to help make the points in a way that would take hundreds or even thousands of words or sets of numbers in order to explain. So instead of wading through a tedious report, an executive can grasp data points though an easy to understand chart or graphic.

Data can be converted into multiple formats

Whether you need information in PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV, or RTF format, the information needed from the IQS Business Analytics software is easily converted into a variety of computing formats. So, if you need to make a point to a manager who prefers to read his information in Microsoft Excel, you can take the information and move it into that format. Or if you want a flexible format for publishing information on the web, the software is easily convertible for publishing on the internet.

Data for multiple platforms

It is important to have such business analytic tools be accessible not just on desktop computers but also on laptops, iPads, and iPhones. Fortunately, IQS Business Analytics software can be used on these platforms, which makes life easier for your busy schedule. This flexibility means that you will not have to be chained to your office computer in order to make important business decisions. Instead, you can visualize data virtually any place you can visualize working in!

Easy to install and to use

You do not have the time to spend days or even weeks learning a new software program. You need something that is easy to install and to use. With IQS Business Analytics, you can be up and running almost immediately, thanks to the web-based format and the intuitive nature of the program. The dashboard feature is easy to understand, and it allows you to drill down to data sets to truly understand the data involved and to make intelligent business decisions. Data visualization, mining, analysis, and integration are uncomplicated and does not require IT support.

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