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The IQMS Warehouse Management System (IQ WMS) natively integrates radio frequency based bar code input from the plant floor with other IQMS modules. The technology introduces the ability to manage inventory, production, shipments, labeling and more from remote, hand held scanner units from just about anywhere on the plant floor.

Effectively, IQ WMS has the potential to drastically reduce the reliance on keyboard and mouse based computer interaction when recording plant floor activity. The net effect is faster recognition of production and inventory changes within IQMS, drastic reduction of time spent at dedicated workstations, and dramatically improved accuracy of data input.

  • Collect inventory data from the plant floor using either dedicated hand-held scanners or RF-enabled personal digital assistants (PDAs).
  • A single database containing all inventory transactions, made by any user within EnterpriseIQ provides for maximum accountability.
  • Realtime integration with scheduling, production, sales, eliminate batch/data update postings and reconciliation of multiple inventory tables.
  • Supports Packaging and Distribution requirements for EDI-based shipments.
  • Improved customer service with 100% real-time update to inventory information, available to all departments - customer service, accounting, manufacturing, shipping and receiving.

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"WMS" is part of the EnterpriseIQ line of products, developed by IQMS.

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