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IQ CRM tracks all your customers’ interactions in a single system. It includes more than just contact management functions. It also manages customer support/help desk calls including an answer book for easy answers to commonly asked questions. Where the value really comes is with the native integration of all modules within EnterpriseIQ. IQ CRM accesses the ERP database, giving you everything from the original sales contacts and background information through the entire sales, production and shipping cycles. It allows you to capture, manage and track every interaction with a customer, from initiation to resolution. IQ CRM provides an integrated view of a company’s customers, to everyone in the organization. Among the benefits are:

  • Streamlines processes - Because there is a central database of information, the need to re-enter duplicate information into separate systems is eliminated. The information flows seamlessly,ensuring that all your customer-facing departments work more efficiently together to meet your customers’ needs.
  • A single Knowledge base about customers - A single source of information ensures information sharing among all departments. With IQ CRM everyone in your organization will have the knowledge of every customer interaction with the organization, regardless of what department took or initiated the call.
  • Ensures consistency - IQ CRM provides a coordinated and consistent experience with your organization. Your customers receive the same information regardless of who or how they contacted you.
  • Increases sales effectiveness - IQ CRM allows you to make knowledgeable decisions about future sales and marketing plans. By tracking the success of a promotional campaigns, customers’ buying histories, preferences, as well as complaints you are better informed to determine new revenue sources.
  • Increases customer loyalty and satisfaction - It’s no secret that superior customer service is a key to customer retention. By embracing the customer from all levels, the customer will feel that they are “king”. By knowing the customer’s needs and wants you can better meet the demands of the future.

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"CRM" is part of the EnterpriseIQ line of products, developed by IQMS.

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