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Bookkeeping has never been easier!

In addition to allowing you to completely manage the accounting activities of your company, our accounting module is compatible with Acomba and Avantage.

Managing accounts receivable

Accounts States, statistics, grandfathering list, fast cashing, deposit slip, multi­currency, management of credit limits, customer blocking.

Managing accounts payable

Fast payments, statistics, grandfathering list, printing checks or direct deposit sheet.

Journal entries

Journal entries, lists and reports.

Budget forecasts

Sales forecast and expense over several years, analyzes the current year.


Conciliation available on all accounts

Financial Statements

Balance Sheets, Statements of Income, Checklist tax report for a variety of taxes

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounting:

"Accounting" is part of the IPSO Biz Fabrication line of products, developed by IPSO Technologies.