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Invoice has recognized an invoicing need that your company and others are demanding more and more; the ability to invoice customers via the web or e-mail. You will have the ability to invoice your customers via e-mail or send it via regular mail or fax. Additionally, you can upload information from Word, Excel, or other programs.

So, why use a web-based invoicing solution?

  1. Cost savings. You will no longer need to buy stamps, paper or envelopes. Online billing costs about a quarter of what paper billing costs.
  2. Get paid faster. Invoicing your customers electronically allows them to receive the invoice quicker and pay you quicker. Your customers will appreciate taking advantage of discounts for paying their invoice early.
  3. On-line presentments. Your customers can view their billing information and e-mail you questions when it is convenient for them.

If your company is a home based business or a small to medium Enterprise, Invoice is the most cost effective billing solution for you.

Product Lines

  • Invoice.com

    A invoicing application designed by Invoice.

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    • Invoices

      A invoicing application designed by Invoice.

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