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An ERP system designed by Invistics Corp. for manufacturing companies.
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Supporting Sustainable and Scalable Pull Strategies

Designed to work hand-in-hand with the Invistics pull-based Lean methodology, the MachSix software suite helps clients effectively balance relationships among cycle times, throughput and inventory to achieve better customer service levels, while giving you a continuous view into the extended supply chain as well as plant floor dynamics.

The suite was developed based on proven Lean manufacturing principles and key Six Sigma components. MachSix modules take into account supply and demand variability and enables a true flow path-based approach to manufacturing – one that aligns your processes around a value stream and supports sustainable performance improvement initiatives.

MachSix does not replace your existing ERP system, instead it can accept and analyze data from more than 250 systems within your operations ensuring synchronization between planning and execution and providing you with real-time views of plant floor health. The modules can be deployed on-premise or be accessed as a hosted solution.

Tighter Manufacturing Operations; Better Financial Performance

Inventory optimization done in a vacuum is easy. But inventory optimization done in the context of overall manufacturing performance optimization that takes into account maintaining or increasing customer service levels, meeting fluctuating customer demand, managing hundreds or thousands of SKUs and unplanned manufacturing downtime, is very complex. MachSix helps companies achieve this. By accommodating multiple variables and removing complexity arising from these trade-offs, companies using the MachSix software can achieve balance today while seeking ways to continually raise all performance levels, with existing capacity. And, in the process, working capital will be utilized more efficiently resulting in a higher return on assets and by extension, profitability.

Seamless Integration with ERP Systems

The Invistics MachSix software complements existing ERP systems by providing more accurate data and a real-time view into plant floor health. Integration efforts have been successfully completed for a wide variety of enterprise software systems including SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Mapics, Prism, Epicor, Infor ERP BPCS and Baan.

Regardless of whether your challenge is to optimize inventory, cycle time, throughput or customer service, our methodology coupled with the MachSix software suite can help you develop a strategy and implement a pilot in under 30 days so you can begin reaping the tactical benefits almost immediately. This in turn lays a strategic foundation for long-term sustained results.

Popular Functionality Modules

Lean Insights This module establishes key metrics for an organization looking to motivate Lean behaviors. Performance metrics such as cycle time (aka ‘flow time’), customer service level…

Pull Manager Beyond simple Kanban, Pull Manager enables users to implement, sustain and scale to a true pull-based manufacturing supply chain that supports Lean in all manufacturing…

Flow Path Health Flow Path Health provides real-time visibility into order-to-fulfillment. It allows users to easily gain visibility into the health of current inventory levels and customer,…

Lot Sizer By finding the sweet spot between inventory costs, changeover costs, and available capacity, Lot Sizer recommends a set of optimal lot sizes, batch sizes, campaign sizes,…

Inventory Advisor The Inventory Advisor is designed to reduce stock-outs and cut working capital by optimizing inventory levels for Lean. It takes into consideration variability in products,…

Complete Functionality Module List

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