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Payroll for QuickBooks Online is an add-on solution that allows you easily process payroll with either QuickBooks Online Basic or QuickBooks Online Plus. As is the case with QuickBooks Online, Payroll is available at anytime from anywhere you have an Internet connection. The system is available for $19.95.

Payroll for QuickBooks Online will give you a step by step guide instructing you how to process payroll. The system will allow you to easily print paychecks or use the free direct deposit portal. The system will automatically calculate employee earnings, payroll taxes and deductions. You can always ensure that your taxes are paid on time, with the automatically updated federal and state payroll tax tables. All taxes are then instantly calculated when processing payroll, eliminating what could be hours of calculations. Some of the additional features of this add-on include:

  • The system will track the amount of payroll taxes you owe to the federal government.
  • Tracks and alerts you as to when you should file tax forms.
  • File Federal tax forms electronically using E-File
  • Email reminders available.
  • Username and Password secure sensitive payroll data.
  • Phone support available from a team of payroll specialists
  • Reports Include:
    • Payroll Summary by Employee
    • Payroll Summary Totals
    • Payroll Liability Balances Summary
    • Paychecks by Employee
    • Paycheck Detail
    • Payment and Deduction Detail
    • Federal Tax Summary
    • State Tax Summary
    • Vacation Plan Summary
    • Vacation Plan Detail by Employee
    • Sick Plan Summary
    • Sick Plan Detail by Employee
    • Employee Contact List
    • Employee Taxes Listing
    • Employee Payments and Deductions Listing
    • Compensation Listing
    • Tax Listing
    • Other Payments and Deductions Listing
    • Pay Schedule Listing
    • Recent/Edited Time Activities