Is QuickBooks Online right for your business?

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QuickBooks Online gives you everything you need to invoice for your goods or services. The system will allow you to create customer accounts to store information for each customer, allowing invoices to be quickly made. The system will then allow you to customize your invoices with your own logo. After you are satisfied with the appearance of the invoice and print it, QuickBooks Online Basic will then track the invoice until it is resolved. QuickBooks Online Basic can ensure that all of your receivables are actually received and your business is capturing every dollar it has earned. You can even set up automatic invoicing for continuous customers, saving even more time for your staff. Recurring invoices can be setup to bill daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, or by any other date range you choose. If it is your desire, the system is capable of automatically emailing these invoices.

QuickBooks Online also gives you the ability to classify income and expense accounts into various “classes.” This is perfect for any business that would like to categorize Income and expenses by department, type of business or any other way. This in turn, allows you to create Profit & Loss Statements by class.

Features Include

  • Create, print, and email invoices that are right for your business
  • Customize the style of your invoices, to include your company logo.
  • Create automatic or recurring invoicing schedules.
  • Create charges, billable expenses, and time activities that flow on to invoices
  • Compute discounts on invoices
  • Setup recurring invoices for continuous customers
  • Set the due date on invoices and bills
  • Keep a list of customers, contact information, and detailed notes
  • Track expenses by customer
  • Access customer information quickly and easily
  • Create a recurring template for invoices

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Receivable:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Employee Time Tracking by Customer
  • General Ledger
  • Payroll for QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Mobile

"Accounts Receivable" is part of the QuickBooks Online line of products, developed by Intuit.