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Trigger invoice generation by

  • order segment status
  • ship date
  • print status

Other features allow you to

  • Review invoices or orders before sending them to your customers.
  • Effectively manage large jobs that require a bid for the customer and a quote from multiple vendors.
  • Manage quoting, tracking, expediting, and billing for both the customer and vendor sides of the lot order.
  • Track shipments of both inventory and non-inventory items needed to complete a project or job.
  • Reconcile shipments as they come in — whether you receive one shipment for all the materials on a lot or 20 different shipments for various quantities.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Invoicing and Lot Billing:

"Invoicing and Lot Billing" is part of the Intuit Eclipse DMS line of products, developed by Intuit Eclipse.