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The INTERAC Payroll system includes the ability to develop various types of custom-designed reports, each used for a specific purpose.

  • The Earnings Register is an extremely useful report. This report can be designed to include all pay and deduction information for each employee for any time period, either on a detail, total, or combined basis.
  • The Custom Report Generator provides the ability to totally customize a report. Data can be queried from Payroll as well as the Job Cost and Equipment Cost systems.
  • The Labor Distribution Report Generator creates
    reports which calculate and report tax, union, and overhead burden. The distribution of this report can be based on GL department, job-phase, Workers’ Comp Code, and equipment. The reports can create entries in General Ledger, Job Cost, and Equipment Cost to accrue the payroll burden amounts. Workers’ Compensation reports can also be created with this program.
  • Complete Certified Reporting is also available. The system provides both summarized and detailed
    certified government reporting. Davis-Bacon and EEO information is easily included.
  • The Union Report Generator program creates the various required union reports. Reports can print hours or gross pay for designated periods. Union dues withheld are shown in a separate column. Extended benefit totals are calculated based on the individual union’s criteria. A total of benefits and dues withheld are listed to show total amount due to the union.

The system comes with a variety of pre-designed sample reports from all the above report generation programs. These designs can be used as they are or easily tailored to specific needs. The ability to easily design unique reports from scratch.

Using Report Manager, a flexible menu of available reports can be set up for each user on the system. To run a report, users need only login to the system and choose from their customized menu which report to view or to print.

Through InterLink, any reportable data can be exported into a spreadsheet. Using Visual Link ODBC tools, Payroll data can be imported or linked into external spreadsheet and database programs. InterLink or Visual Link enable offline data manipulation.

These unique report generation capabilities are extremely easy to use, and make the INTERAC accounting products very powerful and flexible.

Other Applications

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"Report Writer (integrated in every core application)" is part of the INTERAC Payroll Solutions line of products, developed by Intersoft Systems.

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