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Save time, space, and money while significantly enhancing the availability of information. Reduce the mountains of paper that clutter your office, taking up valuable space in your file cabinets and storage areas, by implementing the fully integrated INTERAC Document Management System.

DMS associates all sorts of documents directly with the appropriate employee records, making them readily available in the system. Documents may be added in three ways. Any document printed from an INTERAC application can be sent directly into DMS. Any External documents are added either by scanning, or attaching pre-existing pdf documents as needed.

In Payroll, copies of paychecks are automatically added and external data like employment applications, I-9 forms, job certifications, drug test results and other HR related documents may be also be associated directly with the employee’s record. DMS also enhances HR Manager by providing direct access to all the related documentation from the INTERAC Payroll system.

Use DMS to share documentation with clients, either by creating archived copies, complete with a standalone DMS viewer, or by providing them with remote access to HR Manager through an Applianz server .

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"Document Management System" is part of the INTERAC Payroll Solutions line of products, developed by Intersoft Systems.

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