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INTERAC Construction Accounting System

A full ERP system designed by Intersoft Systems for construction and professional services companies.
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Whether you are a General Contractor, a Heavy/Highway/Civil Contractor, or a Specialty Contractor, Intersoft has an integrated construction job cost and project management solution for you.

The INTERAC Construction Accounting System offers:

Job Cost is the core of the system which gathers job related information from the other applications and provides a wealth of management information to help you control costs and enhance profitability.

Job Manager provides project managers, estimators and the management team with an instant snapshot of the jobs with the ability to drill down to the transaction level detail at the click of a mouse. With the integrated Document Management System and reporting tools, everything you need to know is readily available.

Accounting - The INTERAC core accounting applications are tailored to the needs of the construction trades, so that all the job related information automatically flows directly into the Job Cost system.

  • Accounts Payable automates the lien waiver process
  • Payroll supports multi-state, union, prevailing wage (certified)
  • Job Billing generates AIA, T&M and contract billing invoices

Subcontractor Control - For general contractors, managing subcontractors and all their contracts is critical. The integrated INTERAC Subcontractor Control application makes it easy to monitor contracts, change orders, payments, retainage, and it also tracks each subcontractor’s liability insurance status.

Equipment Cost & Equipment Manager - For heavy contractors, managing equipment is critical. The integrated INTERAC Equipment Cost system makes it easy to monitor cost, revenue, maintenance, and road taxes. An integrated maintenance work order system streamlines the routine maintenance process.

Equipment Manager puts all the detailed information from the Equipment Cost system in a very user friendly interface. Whether it is a manager who wants to see P&L information, a shop foreman who needs to monitor maintenance, or a project manager wanting to confirm billable equipment hours, all this data is readily available at the click of a mouse.

Service Billing - Many specialty contractors not only provide new construction services, but they also need to maintain their installations after the fact. Service Billing is an excellent tool to manage ongoing maintenance contracts.

  • Work Order management - Convert completed work orders to invoices
  • Management of maintenance contracts
  • Supports serialized inventory & warranty tracking
  • Invoicing for contract, time and material, and recurring billing

Inventory Management - The INTERAC Inventory system is tightly integrated with Job Cost and Service Billing to provide seamless inventory control. Whether you need to manage multiple warehouses, or inventory on a fleet of service vehicles, the INTERAC Inventory suite will make it a breeze.

The inventory management system integrates each of the following applications to provide a comprehensive solution:

  • Inventory
  • Purchase Order
  • Order Entry (for counter / retail sales)
  • Inventory Manager

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Complete accounting package.

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