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With the Bills of Material module, you can easily create and maintain bills of material. You can define parent-component relationships by copying an existing bill, or by starting from scratch. You can search for items by part number, key words, alternate part number, vendor part number, customer part number, or description. You can effectively and simply keep track of product revision levels including: dates, processes, drawing numbers, and CAD references. You can also assign effective dates, which allows you to enter bills prior to releasing them, as well as search historical and future bills.


  • Same-As-Except-For Bill of Material Creation
  • Unlimited Text
  • Where-Used Capability
  • Audit Trail
  • Multiple Views
  • Dimensional Data
  • Effectivity Dating
  • ECN Tracking
  • Revision Level Tracking

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Bills of Material:

"Bills of Material" is part of the ShopWorX ERP line of products, developed by InterNetworX Systems.