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ShopWorX ERP

A full ERP system designed by InterNetworX Systems.
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Effective management of your manufacturing operations is a process, involving the front office to the shop floor and every department in between. Viewing these operations as a whole, not as separate entities, leads to successful control of your business. That’s what sets ShopWorX ERP software apart from the rest. The rich functionality and innovative architecture of ShopWorX ERP provides the software tool to integrate all your business functions. Information, available from all departments, streamlines the internal process resulting in improved on-time deliveries to your customers.

Designed specifically for manufactures that build products based on customer-supplied specifications, ShopWorX ERP allows you to:

  • Give timely and accurate quotes based on standard and historical information
  • Schedule accurately and follow project status to avoid production bottlenecks and delays
  • Automate the collection of data from the shop floor and other critical areas for accurate and timely information
  • Evaluate the performance of Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Receiving, Inspection, Shipping, Accounting, Work Centers, Employees, and Suppliers
  • Plan instead of react to changing customer requirements by eliminating costly guesswork
  • Eliminate redundant entries and reduce the chances for errors with the tight integration of all ShopWorX ERP modules

Popular Functionality Modules

Panorama The Panorama module gives you a single point of access to answer practically any question needed to make a business decision. From this one access point, you have the ability…

Quoting Flexibility is the key to the Quoting module. You can prepare simple price quotes, or generate single level or multiple level, detailed cost build-ups. You’ll be able…

Shipping With the Shipping Module you can generate packing slips and shipping labels, either in advance or at the time of shipment. Shipping data will be used to generate invoices,…

Process Sheets You define the steps necessary to manufacture an item using this tool. You can have any number of process sheets per item, and multiple items can share a common process…

ERP The Enterprise Resource Planning module gives you a tool for planning the effective use of all of your company’s resources. With tighter control of these resources,…

Complete Functionality Module List

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