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International Private Banking Systems

A developer of business management software.

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International Private Banking Systems (IPBS) is an “end to end” Wealth Management software product that runs the gamut of Banking, Investment and Portfolio Management, Trust Accounting and Corporate Administration to Mutual Funds and Share Registry. Conceptually designed to manage all of these traditionally separate business functions in a single software application, IPBS ensures maximum efficiency and cost effective operations by taking a single source transaction to automatically update all positions across the enterprise where there is an accounting or fiduciary relationship.

Developed with mainstream Microsoft development tools IPBS integrates naturally into this most widely used office environment today – Windows. As office, desktop, Internet and PDA technologies continue to develop; IPBS is in the vanguard and easily embraces these new tools and services as they constantly evolve. Web Services, Smart Clients, .NET technologies to name but a few. IPBS is developed, implemented and supported by International Private Banking Systems (IPBS), a specialist software engineering company with its head office in Nassau, Bahamas and is focused on providing leading edge, best of breed software to the international financial services industry. With an installed client base now spanning the globe and ranging from top tier financial institutions to boutique private banks, family offices, fund administrators and investment managers IPBS provides a highly flexible and very scalable solution for any aspect of Wealth Management not only today but far into the future.

Product Lines

  • IPBS/Banking

    A software system designed by International Private Banking Systems for finance & insurance companies.

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    • IPBS/Trust

      A software system designed by International Private Banking Systems for finance & insurance companies.

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