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Interface Software’s InterAction is a flexible and uniquely designed CRM platform that delivers Relationship Intelligence throughout your firm or organization, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Relationship Intelligence is a firm-wide asset that reveals the complex connections between people, companies, relationships, experience and expertise, empowering professionals to leverage who and what they know to uncover new revenue opportunities. And because InterAction is easily accessed anytime, anywhere via an Internet browser or a Windows client, professionals can view and manage information however they choose - through knowledge management platforms, corporate portals, intranets, extranets, and wireless devices - while retaining control over their personal information and relationships.

InterAction’s easy-to-use interface with streamlined wizards was designed with the needs of professionals, marketing, IT and administrative staff in mind. And our flexible architecture enables firms to customize their user experience depending on the needs of the organization.

Now with InterAction, your business development and marketing efforts are streamlined, and become quantifiable, measurable and most importantly, predictable.