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Warehouse Librarian Essentials

A software system designed by INTEK Integration Technologies, Inc..
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Most people, when thinking of a Supply Chain Execution system, automatically think: BIG. With Warehouse Librarian Essentials that’s no longer the case. What’s more compelling though, is that Warehouse Librarian Essentials is based on the same software platform as it’s larger brethren - enabling small operations to take advantage of decades of software development and the huge investment in Warehouse Librarian - but targeted to a smaller operation.

If you have a single distribution associate working in your distribution center or manufacturing storage environment, you can justify the deployment of Warehouse Librarian Essentials.

Generally, the operational scale that the Essentials product targets is:

  • 1 to 10 system users
  • 1 to 2 zones in the distribution center
  • No need for complex order management
  • Willingness to work with a fixed set of options

It’s a perfect way to get started.

The really great news is that you’ll find that our implementation provides you with the confidence to grow. You’ll know that you can provide the service level that your customers expect, you’ll be able to compete for business with larger customers that have higher expectations - and when you grow, you won’t grow out of your Warehouse Librarian system. When it comes to implementing a more complex environment (such as support for batch and wave picking), or when you need more users, you can upgrade - in place - to Warehouse Librarian from the Essentials product. All it takes is for Intek to issue a new license key, along with some planning and consultation if you are going to undertake new complex operations in your distribution environment, and you are ready to expand with the highest performance Supply Chain Execution system in the market.

You can’t get this seamless upgradability anywhere else. Sure, some of the big guys have scaled offerings - but they are selling different software platforms - because they have different solutions from different companies that they have acquired - with no capability of upgrade in the field. If you want to grow with them, you have to change product implementations. You introduce risk and expense that can damage your operation rather than enhance it.

In today’s market, even the smallest distribution or manufacturing operation cannot ignore the hidden costs associated with inventory accuracy, along with direct labor and space costs and the other market dynamics associated with operating in challenging economic conditions. And, for the sake of business continuity and performance, no one can afford to depend on “Joe knows where that is” any more.

Even if you have a small operation, you’ve made some big investments to have a distribution or manufacturing business. It only takes a little more to provide you with the same capability and performance that companies like Petco enjoy. Companies like Animal Supply, Flexi, Norco, Parkseed, KC Metro, and Chefworks already have. You can too.

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