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Warehouse Librarian Enterprise

A software system designed by INTEK Integration Technologies, Inc..
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Warehouse Librarian Enterprise is our most comprehensive solution offering designed for larger enterprises and more complex distribution centers.

Warehouse Librarian Enterprise goes beyond what is offered in Warehouse Librarian in key areas of importance to larger, more complex environments. From a product perspective, these capabilities can be summarized around three key requirements:

  • Coordinated management of multiple distribution centers
  • Extreme scalability designed for 100+ concurrent users
  • Yard management and dock scheduling

Management of Multiple Distribution Centers

Warehouse Librarian Enterprise is designed to handle the highly complex needs of enterprises with multisite distribution centers.

Through a real-time, efficient replication of databases between the distribution centers, enterprises have an accurate, up-to-the-minute view into their inventory and order picture across the breadth of their distribution centers. This real-time, multisite view drives many other capabilities of Warehouse Librarian Enterprise including advanced order management and shipping management from multiple distribution centers. Warehouse Librarian Enterprise can allocate orders to various distribution centers based on factors such as inventory availability at different locations, proximity to the end customer, weight/shipping costs, customer priority status and much more.

Of course, such capabilities require advanced business rules capabilities and Warehouse Librarian Enterprise greatly expands the power of its business rules to allow the enterprise to have near limitless capabilities in terms of the business rules it creates.

Managing multiple distribution centers also means managing the efficient, automated handling of inventory transfers between distribution centers. Warehouse Librarian Enterprise not only handles such transfers, but keeps your ERP system up-to-date with aspects such as cost allocations between departments and regions that result from transfers.

Extreme Scalability

Warehouse Librarian Enterprise is designed to handle the efficiency needs of large, fast-moving distribution centers. Warehouse Librarian has always been lauded as providing some of the fastest, if not the fastest, response times for distribution center users.

In large, fast-moving distribution centers, high levels of efficiency are absolutely essential and we have devoted significant design effort in Warehouse Librarian Enterprise to optimize user response times even in environments with well over 100 concurrent users. Even in the most demanding environments, we deliver sub-second response times to distribution center employees.

The complexity of providing such rapid response times escalates dramatically when coupled with the demands of providing the enterprise real-time visibility into an environment of multiple distribution centers. Through the optimized design of Warehouse Librarian Enterprise, we are able to provide this to you.

Yard Management and Dock Scheduling

Complex and fast-moving distribution centers often have more complex needs surrounding yard management and in-bound dock scheduling. Warehouse Librarian Enterprise adds these capabilities to our standard Warehouse Librarian offering.

Yard Management manages the flow of goods coming in to and out of your yard in a manner that optimizes your yard and warehouse. Warehouse Librarian Enterprise gives you visibility into inventory sitting in trailers and enables you to better manage, schedule, and record the arrival, placement, location, and status of trailers, trucks, containers, and their content. Now you can plan, execute, track and audit all incoming and outgoing loads. With Warehouse Librarian you know what trailers need to be moved, their location in the yard, and where they are supposed to go to.

Dock Scheduling manages your inbound and outbound appointment scheduling. The feature allows you to specify specific dock landings to your carriers and schedule appointments with them. Warehouse Librarian Enterprise knows the dock door equipment and capacity parameters, and optimally matches load attributes to operational capacities and constraints. Warehouse Librarian Enterprise automatically allocates loads to appropriate dock door appointment slots to maximize dock door and equipment utilization, reduce dwell time charges, and level-load appointment schedules.

Advanced Professional Services

We pride ourselves on the highly standard nature of Warehouse Librarian, which allows our customers to configure the system for a hand-in-glove fit to their organization, while still allowing them to easily upgrade to future versions of our solution. Warehouse Librarian Enterprise adheres to those same credos.

At the same time, we recognize that the design and implementation of SCE systems for complex and multisite distribution centers requires extra care and planning. Our professional services team has the experience to help you navigate those tricky waters.

For instance, the designing of business rules that efficiently run your environment, while still providing you the flexibility to grow and adapt to change is something to be handled with great care.

Similarly, complex and fast-moving distribution centers typically have advanced needs regarding the integration of materials handling systems. Again, this is a hallmark of Warehouse Librarian and our team is extremely skilled at helping you design and take maximum advantage of these systems.

In summary, our team can help you in these and in many other areas to make your distribution center a point of competitive advantage – now and in the future.

If your environment demands a product to solve these complex requirements, talk to us about what Warehouse Librarian Enterprise can do for you.

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