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NewVision Distribution Software

A multi-module management system designed by Integrated Systems Technology for distribution/wholesale trade companies.
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NewVision Distribution Software combines the best of today’s technology with the must have features required by the wholesale distribution industry. The result is a software product that is head and shoulders above the competition.

Flexible. With NewVision you get to do it your way! The software is designed on a granular feature basis so that you buy only the features that you need to run your business. Now the product fits your business! It’s easy to modify the arrangement of the screens to best fit your product and your business practices. Add or remove data elements from the screens as necessary to fit your requirements. Modify the reports so that they work for you or create new reports as required.

Need to import or export data? NewVision’s dataport capability makes this an easy task so you can connect with just about any other product out there. And if you need even more extensive changes, NewVision is easy to modify so that your unique requirements are handled as an integral part of the software. All of this means that the NewVision software works the way you want your business to work.

Robust…. As your business grows the software will grow right along with you. It’s easy to add additional users and capabilities as your growth dictates. NewVision is designed to handle high transaction volume and keep pace with that volume as your business grows or expands.

Need to expand and add a branch operation? Not a problem with NewVision. It is designed from the start to handle multiple locations. Sell from one branch and ship from another, check stock availability at all locations, and easily transfer goods from one location to another.

Ready to automate your warehouse and incorporate radio frequency? NewVision offers you a comprehensive suite of functions to assist you in improving the overall efficiency and productivity of your warehouse operations.

Enterprise Wide….From your front counter to the shipping dock, NewVision has the functionality and features to handle all facets of your business.

A powerful customer interface screen lets you easily access critical information for quoting and order entry. This same service area allows your customer service staff to quickly respond to customer inquiries about order status. With Integrated Contact Management you can empower your sales reps to manage your customer relations from the prospect stage through customer follow-up and service.

Manage your orders through the picking and shipping process and then take advantage of a complete shipping manifest program to determine the best way to ship. Automate the returned goods process and gain control over this expense.

With eConnect you expand your business opportunities to all points of the globe. eConnect will let your prospects and customers shop your products, inquire into previous order status and their accounts receivable status. Increase your connectivity with your customers through Vendor Managed Inventory programs such as Remote Bin Stocking and Consignment Inventory Control.

You gain complete financial control of your business with the award winning General Ledger and financial reporting module. Need a financial statement quickly? No problem with NewVision since your postings are always up-to-date. With the Analyst Tool you have a powerful means of slicing and dicing your financial, sales, and purchase data into meaningful comparisons, charts, and graphs.

Business Intelligence and Data Mining are a real strength of NewVision. Reliable…NewVision Distribution Software stays up and running. The demonstrated reliability of NewVision means that your business can count on it when you need it most, and in the distribution business, that’s every day.

NewVision gives you features like Transaction Commit and Rollback which insures that your valuable data is protected even if you experience a power outage. Built-in database integrity checking and recovery assures that you are completely recovered, even in the event of a power failure.

Microsoft Certified….The software is designed for ease of use by following the Microsoft standards. It is tightly integrated with and carries the Certified for Microsoft Windows XP, Certified for Microsoft Windows 2000, SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Windows, Office 2000, and BackOffice Logos.

NewVision gives you all the tools you need to compete successfully and aggressively in today’s ever-changing distribution landscape including multi-language and multi-currency support. It’s today’s technology backed by 20 years of experience and knowledge of the distribution industry.

Purchase Order automates the entire purchasing process, including quotes, blanket orders, purchase orders, receipts and back orders. You can create quotes based on other purchase documents and turn a quote into an order. You can copy details from either posted or un-posted orders, receipts, or invoices. When integrated with Inventory, expected receipts of items are recorded on-line. You can post orders individually or in batches.

Accounts Payable lets you keep detailed records for payables based on a vendor table and a vendor ledger. Transactions such as purchases and payments are recorded through the purchase journal and the payment journal. Every transaction is automatically recorded in the general ledger. Accounts Payable provides vendor aging, purchase statistics, summary or detailed reporting on vendors and a payments feature that automatically suggests payments.

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