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Integrated Systems Technology

A developer of business management software designed for the distribution industry.

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Integrated Systems Technology offers solid products that have been developed based on years of experience in the wholesale distribution industry. Our users tell us that our products have contributed greatly to the success of their businesses and we think that is one of the highest compliments that we can receive.

We go out of our way to make sure that all the features and applications we offer are integrated. Integration makes the product better and saves time and effort on the part of the user. Eliminating keystrokes saves time and eliminates the possibility of errors. The best example of this is our e-commerce webshop product, e-Connect. e-Connect is designed to allow your customers to browse your catalog, place orders, and follow up on those orders with no other intervention.

We’re a personal company that works hard at building long-term relationships. Businesses who signed with us in 1982, our first year in business, are still clients. When our users call they talk to a person, not a machine. And we return our phone calls - on an exceptionally timely basis. Those may be small things but we’re convinced that personal, courteous treatment is still important.

We have a staff of dedicated professionals who understand your business. Many of them come from the distribution industry. Our continuing training programs keep them up to date with the software as well as with changes in the industry itself. They are dedicated to getting you up and running on your system and keeping you running.

Integrated Systems Technology, Inc. offers strengths in distribution specific functionality and financials, our product also provide top level business intelligence and data warehousing, vendor managed inventories, and the options of cutting-edge technologies including RF, browser accessibility and the use of PDAs in the system.

IST-IMS, for UNIX, utilizes a powerful multi-keyed file structure which allows data to be accessed several different ways. This access capability coupled with windowing provides the user excellent access to critical data. Users of IST-IMS have the option of using terminals or PCs in a LAN or WAN configuration.

Product Lines

  • IST-IMS Distribution System

    A multi-module management system designed by Integrated Systems Technology for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

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    • NewVision Distribution Software

      A multi-module management system designed by Integrated Systems Technology for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

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