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Integrated Design

A developer of business management software.

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Integrated Design, Inc. is an industry leader in employee data integration. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan they have been developing and perfecting integration solutions since 1985. Their solutions integrate a wide range of employee data between various software systems. Integrated Design Inc.(IDI) software uses your existing IT investments and is a simple and intuitive solution. Their staff of professionals average over 5 years experience integrating applications in the HR industry.

Integrated Design’s integration solutions are enabling over 20,000 clients across North America to automate business processes. The IDI product, Time Bank, delivers improved accuracy and saves time that may otherwise be spent on data entry and error resolution. They provide domain knowledge, software development expertise and business process experience. As applications evolve and integration requirements change, their domain knowledge protects you from application upgrade nightmares.

Their deliverables include fully configured or custom software and excellent client support services. When they put it all together, IDI clients achieve integrated solutions that manage real problems, eliminate confusion, and cost less.

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  • Time Bank

    A software system designed by Integrated Design.

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