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A developer of management software designed for small-businesses.

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IntegrateIT, is a Canadian ERP software development and implementation company with main offices located in Milton, Ontario, Canada. Positioned as a leader in the evolution of ERP system design and delivery, IntegrateIT is the system architect of the innovative ERP123 platform. This powerful combination of software, training, and implementation guidance truly represents a revolution in the world of ERP system implementation. Our solutions are both comprehensive and affordable and are designed to meet the growing needs of small to mid-sized manufacturing and distribution-based clients.

We believe that growing companies need the features and functionality of large-scale ERP systems in order to compete effectively in today’s global marketplace. At IntegrateIT we believe that every company should have access to the best business tools, regardless of its size. And that means we needed find a way to make it truly affordable. We would have to re-engineer the ERP delivery process to the client in ways that reduce overall system cost. The concept of video based training was tested with the highly successful U-Train DVD system for the ABACI SME Pack, the progenitor of ERP123. U-Train Multimedia for ERP123 is the next evolution and makes the concept of delivering high end functional ERP for reduced cost possible.

By providing top quality systems for manufacturing and distribution companies at prices affordable to growing organizations our ERP products effectively level the business playing field. Now that is revolutionary. Experience the IntegrateIT difference today.

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  • ERP123

    A comprehensive ERP suite suitable for most manufacturing and distribution-based companies.

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