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Cloud‑based ERP software designed for Small & Medium Business
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Intacct is a web-based, SaaS accounting and financial management software system designed for use by small and mid-size organizations.

Key benefits of Intacct include:

  • Automation of manual processes enabling faster delivery of accurate financials
  • Improved decision-making capability via accurate, accessible financial data
  • Anytime, anywhere user access via a browser-based, SaaS delivery model
  • Scalability for multi-entity support and user growth

First released in 2000, Intacct is one of the pioneer SaaS accounting solutions. Over 10,000 organizations now actively use the program. Intacct provides an alternative choice for businesses that require more functional sophistication than what is found in entry-level web accounting products. Growth-minded small and mid-market companies seeking robust financial management capabilities represent Intacct’s core market.

Intacct describes their product as “built for finance.” The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) has endorsed Intacct as a “preferred provider of financial management applications.” Intacct has bolstered the appeal of the program for financial professionals by providing significant point-and-click configuration capabilities or fields, reports, and workflows without the need for code-based changes.

Organizations seeking functional support for business processes beyond finance and sales departments can augment Intacct’s capabilities with a variety of 3rd party add-on programs designed to integrate with Intacct via its Web Services API.

Intacct Resources

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Intacct Real World Evaluations

Wondering if Intacct is right for your organization? To better understand if it is a fit for you, explore data detailing the functional requirements, anticipated spending ranges, and company attributes of 50 businesses who recently considered purchasing Intacct.

Quick Facts Q&A

What functionality does Intacct include?

Intacct provides a comprehensive suite of financial management and accounting applications. Additionally, Intacct enables key sales business processes with support for order and inventory management.

Intacct’s core functionality set includes: accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash management, general ledger, order management, and reporting & dashboards.

Additional modules include: contract and subscription billing, contract revenue management, fixed assets, inventory management, multi-entity and global consolidations, project accounting, sales and use tax, time and expense management, and vendor payment services.

How much does Intacct cost?

Intacct pricing varies and is provided on a quotation basis. Factors influencing subscription costs include user count, user access level, and module requirements. Initial set-up costs vary and can be influenced by data migration needs, configuration services desired, requirements for integration with other business applications, and training expectations.

Based on recent FindAccountingSoftware.com review activity, 80% of buyers who considered purchasing Intacct had maximum 3 year spending ranges in the tens of thousands of dollars (USD) range.

Intacct VARs report that the typical monthly per user cost for Intacct starts around $400 and increases depending on the functional requirements.

Customized pricing for Intacct is available on-demand and additional Intacct cost data can be found below.

How does software licensing work for Intacct?

Intacct is licensed on a software-as-a-service basis. The standard Intacct licensing agreement includes hosting, software functionality, support, and access to upgrades.

The normal billing term for Intacct software is annual payment. Intacct users can choose how many users to license, the level of functional user access, and which modules are licensed.

Under the Intacct license agreement, all software users fully own their own business data held within Intacct. The Intacct end-user agreement also includes a provision to make business data available for 90 days after service contract termination.

Who sells Intacct?

Intacct is offered through multiple sources. Organizational users can subscribe to Intacct directly through Intacct. Or, users can subscribe to the Intacct via a network of authorized value-added resellers, who offer additional consulting and support services to complement product functionality.

What industries is Intacct appropriate for?

Intacct is used by a wide variety of industry types. It is particularly popular in the service sector. Professional services (24.1%), non-profit (18.3%), and commercial & service companies (14.0%) review Intacct most frequently.

For a detailed breakdown of buyer reviews by company industry, see below.

What size companies use Intacct?

Intacct is appropriate for companies across a wide range of organizational sizes. There is no minimum or maximum user count. Intacct is most commonly used by small and mid-sized businesses.

Based on recent FindAccountingSoftware.com review activity, 62.3% of organizations who considered Intacct for a potential software purchase had employee counts between 10 and 99 employees.

For more data pertaining to the target organizational size for Intacct, see below.

Is Intacct cloud-based?

Yes. Intacct is a cloud-based program offering anytime, anywhere access to users on any device with a supported web-browser. Intacct is delivered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis, meaning Intacct hosts the application in their own data center and provides access to application resources and data on subscription service basis.

An internet connection is required to use the software. Intacct’s SLA provides for a guarantee of 99.8% application uptime.

What kind of technical support is provided?

Basic tech support is included with the Intacct SaaS license agreement. Intacct maintains a community forum and provides support through a combination of phone, email, and chat client communication.

Organizations desiring more involved strategic consulting for planning optimal use of Intacct functionality relative to specific business process requirements can purchase additional support services from Intacct VARs.

Can Intacct be customized?

Extensive customization capabilities are possible with Intacct.

Intacct provides a wide range of point and click system configuration to help non-technical financial personnel adapt interfaces, fields, and workflows to fit their needs.

Intacct has published a 134 page user manual covering their customization services, which provides users with in-depth information on altering program functionality to suit their needs.

What additional 3rd party software is available to extend Intacct?

There is an extensive array of 3rd party add-on programs designed to extend the functionality of Intacct. The Intacct Marketplace includes functional add-on offerings ranging from CRM, eCommerce, business intelligence, payroll, point of sale, human resources, and beyond.


Intacct offers an extensive set of financial management and accounting oriented functionalities. Also, Intacct offers order and inventory management tools. Departmental needs beyond finance and sales can be satisfied with a wide range of 3rd party add-on applications designed to integrate with Intacct.

Functionality Support Note
Accounts Payable Yes Cash, check, card, and bank transfer payment management; collections management; penalties & adjustments
Accounts Receivable Yes Electronic or check payments; real-time posting to GL; vendor management
Asset/Equipment Management No 3rd party add-ons available
Bank Reconciliation Yes Automated reconciliations; bank error and fraud monitoring
Benefits Management No 3rd party add-ons available
Bill of Materials No 3rd party add-ons available
Budgeting Yes Actual/variance reporting; month/quarter budgetary estimates
Business Intelligence Yes KPI monitoring; dashboards; advanced financial analytics such as customer acquisition cost
Cash Flow Management Yes Multi-account cash management; cash forecasting
Commissions Management No 3rd party add-ons available
Credit Card Processing No 3rd party credit card processing integration possible
Customer Relationship Management No Preferred integration with SalesForce available
eCommerce No 3rd party add-ons available
EDI No 3rd party add-ons available
Employee Records No 3rd party add-ons available
Estimating No 3rd party add-ons available
Field Service Management No 3rd party add-ons available
Fixed Asset Tracking Yes Customizable depreciation formulas; predefined depreciation schedules; asset splits & combinations
Fund Accounting Yes Fund and grant management; stakeholder reporting; activity based budgeting
Fundraising Management Yes Automation of calculation of funds
General Ledger Yes Streamlined data entry; financial close automation
Human Resources No 3rd party add-ons available
Inventory Control Yes Status management (on-hand, on-order, back-order); location management
Invoicing Yes Email invoices; automated invoice creation
Job Costing Yes Time and expense tracking; project accounting using milestones, schedules, & percentage completion
Manufacturing Execution System No 3rd party add-ons available
Material Requirements Planning No 3rd party add-ons available
Payroll No 3rd party add-ons available
Point of Sale No 3rd party add-ons available
Project Management No 3rd party add-ons available
Purchasing Yes Dashboard purchasing reports; purchase automation
Quotes Yes Quote-to-cash management
Recruitment and Talent Management No 3rd party add-ons available
Requisition Management No 3rd party add-ons available
Sales Forecasting No 3rd party add-ons available
Sales Order Management Yes Point-and-click order entry; integration with Salesforce CRM; order fulfillment reporting
Time Tracking Yes Anytime, anywhere time & expense data entry; client & project organization
Warehouse Management (Advanced) No 3rd party add-ons available
Work Order Management No 3rd party add-ons available


Intacct is used by a wide variety of industries, but is most commonly considered by service and non-profit oriented organizations.

The following data provides a breakdown of recent Intacct review activity organized by the industry of the organizations considering Intacct for a possible purchase.


Pricing on Intacct depends on a variety of factors. User and functional requirements play the most significant role in affecting base licensing costs. The cost of implementation (configuration and data migration) and training services can also substantially affect overall project pricing.

The following chart displays a breakdown of estimated maximum spending ranges reported by software buyers who recently reviewed Intacct as a purchase option.

Target Organization Size

Intacct is designed for use by organizations of varying company sizes. The median size of organizations who consider Intacct is 20 employees, based on review activity.

Data Sources

The product information presented on this page is based on information provided by the developer and from previous software buyers who considered the software via Find Accounting Software referrals. Last update: 7/6/2017.

Popular Functionality Modules

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Complete Functionality Module List

Reviews of Intacct

An Intacct user says…

Intacct is simple and easy to use but the report function is more complicated and not as user friendly. I also wish there was a way to copy and paste entire lines in an expense report.

The good: Better software for a bigger company, can look at data in various ways

The bad: The report function. My company seems to have trouble reconciling the differences between what the management is seeing behind the scenes vs what the user gets when they pull a report.

An Intacct user says…

Intacct is the best ERP system that I have used so far. We can edit the posted journal entries anytime as long as the month is not closed. All the reports can be easily export to MS Excel.

The good: It’s a user friendly ERP system, easy to learn.

The bad: For the cash transfer module, it will be nice if we could edit the entries after they are posted.


Best cloud based financial solution for small and medium size organizations. Having number of options to customize the software according to the requirements, makes Intacct an appropriate solution for different types of businesses.

The good: Through revenue recognition the complicated and time consuming calculations and entries can be accounted for in no time.

The bad: This software is not helpful for manufacturing business. Also the inventory module needs improvement.

from Batterycorp says…

Intacct is an user friendly software

The good: I like A/P module, the duplicate function could save a lot of time when enter bills.

The bad: sometimes I don’t get the report I need

A representative from BatteryCorp says…

Intacct helps us not only record every transaction we make, but the financial reports we generate are much better than any accounting system we ever used.

The good: Like any system, this one has flaws as well, but Intacct is working closely with each customer to improve it.

The bad: I would like to be able to customize it to fit our needs as a company; imputing invoices without zeroing out lines that are not to be converted, should all be defaulted to zero not ones.


User-friendly cloud-based accounting software that provides users the ability to manage their business from just about anywhere. From the General Ledger to their Cash Management applications, Intacct has become a critical tool for the success of our company. It also has the capability to handle company growth.

The good: User-friendly, cloud-based, ability to use dimensions for cost accounting, reporting customization and transaction importing tool.

The bad: Intacct does not provide a presentable format when exporting a financial report into MS Excel. The software updates that affect the applications layout and re-arrangement of command buttons.


Intacct is an excellent cloud based accounting software that is easy to use and is diverse in it’s ability to be used by a wide variety of industries.

The good: I like that I can set up my chart of accounts and reports to be exactly what I need.

The bad: Sometimes the online user help information is hard to follow.

An Intacct user says…

It has a very user-friendly interface, and can meet the needs of small business

The good: It is easy to use and to understand.

The bad: As our company has grown, Intacct has not been able to accommodate all the requests we have made of it. The system has limitations for invoice automation. For example, it doesn’t update addresses on invoices that have already been created. Some errors have to be handled by Intacct technical support, rather than by our in-house expert, even though it is a simple fix.

from Medix says…

We use Intacct for our sales invoices and accounting. It is user friendly and easy to navigate.

The good: Each category of accounting is under a separate tab (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Journal) so it makes it easy to get to what you are trying to do. If we ever have a problem or can’t figure something out in Intacct, their customer service is always ready to help and gets back to us quickly.

The bad: The only negative I have is with the reports. I find it difficult to create customized reports. I usually end up exporting a couple reports and using Excel to get the information I need.

from Medix says…

Intacct is an easy and very effective accounting software to use. I use it to check status of invoices and I use it for my collection notes.

The good: It is very easy to use!

The bad: The collection notes have a little more options.

from IslandWood says…

Wonderful accounting program for a small to mid-sized business, especially non-profits.

The good: The customization of order entry and integration was critical for our billing department. This functions seamlessly and saves us so much time. I also love that each release seems to add easier functionality to all of our processes.

The bad: The Cash Management module is not robust enough to be able to get detailed GL reports out and can be a little cumbersome to learn.

from MMC says…

We use Intacct for contract and revenue management as well as billing and A/R. It has helped us house 1 single warehouse for our over 900+ clients with thousands of transactions monthly. It is much more automated than our previous system and much more transparent.

The good: They bring value with each new update. Even if you don’t use some of the new features at times, it’s nice to know they are constantly improving their product.

The bad: Downside: Intacct has not yet figured out a way to allow users to customize their standard reports by adding fields


Intacct is an easy to customize accounting software. It has enough flexibility to be able to fit your needs, but not so much that you need a programmer to figure it out. They have made it easy to figure out and if you can’t, their support team is fantastic and will guide you and teach you.

The good: I like the 360 view that it gives it’s users. A dashboard only executive can look at their customized report and drill down to the actual invoice or entry that generated that number. It puts the power in the end users hands and makes accounting more efficient.

The bad: Sometimes the terminology can be confusing, which makes customization a little difficult.

from MRI Software says…

Intacct is an easy and very effective accounting software to use. I use it everyday with my job and what used to take me hours to do now takes me mere minutes. Thanks Intacct!

The good: The ease of moving between applications and allowing of uploads with multiple batches.

The bad: I love being able to hit my tab button and for information to be auto popluated, sometimes this feature does not work.

from Fellowship Bible Church says…

Intacct is a cloud based accounting software that provides nice versatility in reporting, dashboards, multiple data entry users, and paperless approval processes.

The good: Going paperless has been really nice and the approval process has saved a lot of time in initialing invoices, credit card receipts and signing checks. Budget managers can keep up with their budget reports on a daily basis right on their dashboard.

The bad: The reporting has proven to be a little challenging, and I still find myself using Excel to manipulate a few reports.

from Braille Institute of America says…

Awesome time saving software for our non-profit organization. Much better than the “green screen” AS/400 software that we were previously using!

The good: Reporting is easy once the templates are set-up. Bank reconciliation is a breeze and editing items are simple.

The bad: Software updates may cause some delays but usually worked out before any issues are noticed.

An Intacct user says…

User friendly tool for time and expense reporting.

The good: Like that I can save the submissions as drafts, attach documents, have detailed description of entries within the time sheet. The save feature helps me ensure I don’t lose my work.

The bad: Too many options, makes navigation a little bit difficult.

An Intacct user says…

Works very smooth, easy to travel.

The good: Time clock-ins.

The bad: n/a


Great financial software capable of managing and easily reviewing information.

The good: Very user friendly and easy to navigate.

The bad: When entering a bill into A/P, if you hit enter instead of tab, you lose all the information.

from ScrollMotion says…

Our company uses intacct for all accounting and timekeeping purposes.

The good: Very straightforward and easy to use.

The bad: In timesheets, there isn’t the ability to resize a column, which makes it difficult to view a project with a long name

An Intacct user says…

Intacct is an clean and easy to use application. My company uses it to track various expenses and utilization rates by employee.

The good: Clean presentation

The bad: None

from Plexxi says…

Intacct is a great solution for the small to mid- market business. Whether managing a services or technology Company (hardware and/or software)… it has so many intuitive components that you typically only see in large enterprise solutions (e.g. Oracle/SAP/etc…) with simple integrations to tons of third- party applications to support an array of functions with a focus on ease of use.

The good: We are an early- stage Company. However… have a high- volume and complexity to our purchase-to-pay and quote-to-cash process. We are a large team of 2… and have the ability to support an array of business operation functions as finance folks… and not just debits and credits. 90% of our accounting is done systematically through Intacct’s ability to define the accounting that applies to various transactions. Gives me more time to provide value- add service than posting GL entries!

The bad: The user- base at Intacct appears to be… in large part… built with a lot of focus to non- manufacturing customers. The way the Inventory module integrates with Order Entry could use some work… specifically around valuation, opening up the ability to grab metadata fields linked to Items, and general reporting (custom or standard).

from Accruent says…

Intacct is a middle-of-the-road accounting solution. It gets the basics done as any other solution would, but it’s not incredibly robust, and some of the navigation is clunky. It can be integrated with Salesforce, which is a plus though.

The good: Plain and simple, the Intacct solution just works. I can’t think of a time I’ve ever encountered a bug.

The bad: Customized reporting lacks intuitiveness and user-friendliness.

An Intacct user says…

Web based accounting system.

The good: I like that you can scan and attach documents for backup on expense reports. Our accounting office isn’t located at our warehouse, so it makes it easier to get employee expenses paid out quickly and efficiently.

The bad: I would like there to be a better way to view if a PO has been paid, not just converted from a request. It’s hard to tell our vendors when they can expect payment simply from that status.

from Platinum Control Technologies says…

Intacct is a cloud-based inventory solution that is as easy to use a Quickbooks with the functionality of mid-range accounting software. We moved from Dynamics GP to Intacct almost 2 years ago and love its ease of use and reporting capabilities. It sure made this year’s audit go smoother than ever before.

The good: The implementation team was fantastic! I have never had an implementation go smoother in such a short period of time. Access to the software no matter where I am is also a big plus. I also love the ability to approve purchase orders and payments from my iOS devices.

The bad: My least favorite thing about Intacct is their advanced inventory module. Although it is adequate, it leaves a lot to be desired in traceability of historical inventory cost transactions. I still think the pluses far outweigh the minor issues with this module. They will highly recommend more complete inventory packages that interface well with the Intacct software.


Easy to use - great step up from QuickBooks

The good: Ease to learn and find reports I need

The bad: asdf

An Intacct user says…

It provides the ability to customize reports

The good: The strength is that it allows us to build custom reports

The bad: The report writing is very confusing


Intacct is an easy software to use. But there are some features that need improving. Invoices and statement are what my customers express.

The good: The upgrades are making the software increasingly better.

The bad: The reporting and and no wiggle room on the invoices. And no payroll.

An Intacct user says…

The overall structure of the software is practical but can use some polishing. The edges are a little rough in terms of presentation.

The good: The best part of the software is that it tracks the history of who made changes last.

The bad: The most I dislike is lag time it takes to pull up entries.


I use Intacct to submit all of the expense and purchasing transactions for my office.

The good: It’s intuitive and user-friendly enough that it’s been easy to learn and use.

The bad: I’ve not run into anything to complain about.


The software is functional. I would like more features and bells and whistles.

The good: new user so I am still working on it to see what I like and dislike at home.

The bad: Would like to have more reports and graphs.

An Intacct user says…

Cloud basis accounting software

The good: Cloud basis. Easy to access and user friendly

The bad: No enough customer support


Great tool for tracking your business expense, work hour, always get record by sorting

The good: Recall the submitted timesheet

The bad: N/A


Intacct allows me to perform my billing and reporting duties with ease. As someone who is fairly new in the world of Finance and Accounting, the system was easy to pick up on and learn quickly!

The good: Intacct has strong reporting and analysis modules

The bad: The Print/Email Documents functionality could be improved by allowing users to Filter by Created By User, for example, only sending invoices that they created


Intacct is a one stop, interactive accounting tool that helps streamline and organize as business’ revenue and expenses.

The good: User friendly, diverse, organized

The bad: Can be slow at times, especially while searching for an item


Very user friendly system. Easy to navigate and learn.

The good: Applying payments, deposits, paying bills, couldn’t be easier.

The bad: Writing reports is somewhat challenging.


Intacct is great! We have a lot of different departments where we are able to have dashboards that holds all of our information. It’s wonderful for accounting and keeping track of the bills we have and which ones we have paid for.

The good: Intacct helps me check my work when I am entering COBRA payments and I have to verify if my calculations are correct. I like how you can import excel files and you create a dashboard that everyone can use.

The bad: I’m new to using this so I have nothing negative to say at this moment.


Intacct is accounting of the future. It streamlines tasks allowing for greater financial clarity. The system itself is user-friendly and designed to provide the best user experience.

The good: It’s all cloud based so I don’t need to rely on having access to anything else. It’s all online, safely and securely as well.

The bad: Support could be better for when minor problems occur.

from Fronterra Geosciences says…

Intacct is flawless when it comes to Multi-Entity, Multi-Currency Accounting. The system is dynamic and scalable to fit the needs of any small to mid-sized organization. For a small international consulting firm like ours Intacct has provided us the ability to consolidate our various financial systems under one roof, increasing our efficiency and reporting capacity!

The good:

The bad: Some process flows are not intuitive from an accounting standpoint. However, Intacct’s Learning Center and customer support does a great job filling in the gaps.


Great ERP system .

Pros: Cloud base ,Great reporting , fast

Cons: Clarizen Intacct integration not the best

The good: Cloud Base

The bad: Clarizen Intacct Integration

An Intacct user says…

It is very user friendly and easy to understand.

The good: I like the ease of the features.

The bad: None

An Intacct user says…

I was using Oracle when my company decided the switch to Intacct. My first thought was “It is not going to work”. 7 years later I can say I was wrong.

The good: We are a worldwide company with offices in 50 countries. The ability of having 50 entities all link to one software and being able to reconcile is amazing.

The bad: I wish it would have a more comprehensive reporting tool.


Great capability to run custom reports and analyze projects by time/cost/employee. These capabilities are useful for helping our company keep projects within scope.

The good: Cloud-based, ability to run custom reports

The bad: Many of our employees have difficulties accessing/using the website with Firefox and Chrome browsers.

An Intacct user says…

Some of the needed reports shown in the demo as if they were included were not. Still lots of bugs to be worked out of their system by the developers. Many simple things that QuickBooks is able to do Intacct is not; however it links to Salesforce.com well

The good: cloud-based, interfaces with Salesforce.com, revenue recognition, more controls than QuickBooks

The bad: bugs, some things you take for granted in QuickBooks are not yet able to be done in Intacct


A complete online accounting solution utilizing a tabled account structure with modular solutions for project management and specialized reporting packages for the non-profit sector.

The good: Although it is a challenge to set up, the pass through billing features and new project management enhancements are very useful to our business.

The bad: I would like to see enhanced reporting features combining the project fields better with the general ledger. The report module is getting better with each new release. Also, there is very little customization around check printing.