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InSiteCommerce Software provides deep integration into your order fulfillment process. All information about order status is available to your customers online. When your customers are requesting a quote or placing an order, they can select their shipping methods, and the system will determine shipping cost automatically. After they place their order, they will be able to view when their products were shipped, and will give them the tools they need to track the shipment through the carrier. In an attempt to further satisfy your customers, InSiteCommerce will provide email update notifications, including order confirmations and advanced ship notices, to your customers.

InSiteCommerce Software contains the most robust shipping engine and rules, to rate shop across carriers. The system will allow you customers to select their freight costs based on the products ordered, weight, dimensions, distance, and speed of delivery. The rules in the system prevent your customer from choosing a shipping method that is not available to them. Rules can be set to exclude shipping methods when a ship to, product type, or delivery method would limit the available carrier or ship method. Most importantly though, this software gives your customers the power to rate shop, select the carrier they prefer and calculate shipping rates by dimension, weight and distance. The carrier rate tables are easy to use, but still allow your online customers to determine their own freight costs based on products ordered, weight, dimensions, distance, and speed of delivery.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Order Fulfillment:

"Order Fulfillment" is part of the InSiteCommerce Software line of products, developed by InSite Software.