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A multi‑module management system designed by Innovative Software Services, Inc.
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Innovative Software’s CityTax™ is the most comprehensive and modern income tax processing software on the market today and has been running on Windows® longer then any other income tax software, giving you the experience no other company can provide.

CityTax™ was originally developed as a 32 bit Windows® program and operates on all Microsoft supported Windows® platforms and Novell Netware. CityTax™ has the versatility to operate on a single PC based system or a large multi user networked system.

Some of the features of CityTax™ include the ability to automatically track delinquent payers with the Batch Billing module, helping to increase collections. Flexible check printing methods include “print to file” option and easy to modify check layouts for printer or file interface. Data can be exported for use with other applications, and an advanced graphics and imaging package is also included, plus create, track, or print any form.

Taxpayer Information

It’s easy to locate tax return, payment, penalty, interest, refund, letter, invoice, and withholding detail in CityTax. Plus, extend CityTax by creating, capturing data, and printing unlimited types of forms and questionnaires via our CityForms design system.

Automatic Compliance Processing

Compliance processing is easy in CityTax. Instead of typing one letter at a time, CityTax automatically tracks and sends invoices and letters according to your office procedures and timelines with our exclusive Watcher system.

Powerful Reporting

CityTax offers powerful reporting tools, with over 125 standard reports. In addition, Flex Reports ™ allow you to easily create and export reports, or data, to Excel®, further extending your reporting capabilities.

Popular Functionality Modules

Payment Processing Automatic distribution of payment by locally defined rules Receipt Individual, Corporate, Partnership, Withholding and Estimate payments Differentiate by method of payment…

Refunds Automatically offset refunds to pay debts from previous years Direct deposit capability Credit refunds to previous or future years Create a “positive-pay” file…

Withholdings/W3 Reconciliation Process electronic W3/W2 information using Federal or Excel-based formats Online withholding payments and reconciliation filing capabilities Balance W3 against received…

Automatic Compliance Processing Audit codes can be automatically inserted via dynamics business rule checking during tax re-turn entry. Create user defined process flows for all types of invoicing,…

Tax Return Define tax return line detail to match all forms, worksheets, and calculations by tax year. Define an unlimited number of audit codes that can be printed automatically on…

Complete Functionality Module List

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