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  • Work order identification can be tracked separately by module
  • Work order items can be tracked separately by module
  • Assets are shared among all modules
  • Work order identification may be auto-incrementing and/or dynamically assigned
  • Routings may be created for next work order generation
  • Track phone calls by who, what, when, and where for any module
  • Track item usage by work order
  • Track asset usage by work order
  • Track by department and General Ledger class code
  • Track and maintain “areas” by work order, such as community development block grants
  • Track start, completion, and estimated times and dates
  • Keep unlimited notes for work order descriptions and dispositions
  • Track status by open, closed, pending, approved, denied, closed-denied, on-hold or billed
  • With DPW work orders, track physical street address and location description
  • DPW work orders automatically track user defined areas
  • Track Motor Pool assets
  • Track each call with callback feature
  • Track employee labor by hours, rate, and labor code for each work order
  • Track all inventory items by quantity, price, and allocated or issued status
  • Track estimated, actual, and rental hours against an asset

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Work Orders:

  • Areas
  • Assets
  • Individuals
  • Inventory Items
  • Security

"Work Orders" is part of the CityStreets line of products, developed by Innovative Software Services, Inc.

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