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Innovative Merchant Solutions - QuickBooks Software

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Innovative Merchant Solutions is the only credit card processing solution that works directly with ALL QuickBooks Products.

Process credit card transactions as you record them in QuickBooks.

Save duplicate data entry time and errors. Why waste time entering transactions into a terminal and again into your books? Just enter them once in QuickBooks!

  • Save 2 hours of work each week since transactions are automatically recorded in QuickBooks
  • Make face to face sales with an optional card reader
  • Great for telephone, mail order, and other businesses whose PC is located where sales are processed
  • New Businesses Welcome!
  • Receive your free accounting & bookkeeping software today
  • Already own or lease a terminal? We’ll reprogram it for FREE!

Credit card data is automatically entered into your QuickBooks as you process the transaction, so there is no need to enter data by hand.

Processing starts the moment you save the transaction, and you’ll know the results in seconds. Approved transactions update your books automatically.

It’s the easiest way to accept all major credit cards:

  • No additional hardware, software or phone lines needed
  • No long-term contracts or cancellation fees
  • Keep your existing bank account
  • Download and Import sales into your QuickBooks at the end of the day
  • Keep employees** from accessing your QuickBooks
  • Great for retailers, restaurants, or for businesses whose PC is NOT located where sales are processed
  • Accept Credit Cards for your business.

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