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Maintenance Pro

A CMMS system designed by Innovative Maintenance Systems.
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Maintenance Pro is a feature-rich equipment management software package that is easy to use, flexible, and affordable.

Keeping track of your equipment’s maintenance can be a challenging and daunting task. While there are many CMMS software packages on the market, very few offer a truly user-friendly interface and working system, which are just as important as the equipment management features themselves.

Maintenance Pro combines the powerful features you need with a user-friendly interface that’s easy to work with.

The Maintenance Pro CMMS software is already being used for a range of different purposes, including facility maintenance, grounds maintenance, heavy machinery, zoo maintenance, marine vessels, aviation maintenance, general equipment maintenance, and more. Due to its flexibility and ease of customization, this software can be adapted to just about any type of asset that requires preventive maintenance (PM).

Additional Features:

Maintenance Pro includes many additional features, such as employee and vendor databases and program security. The built-in report designer allows you to modify any of the standard reports, which are included with Maintenance Pro.

  • Employee and Vendor Databases
  • Program Security
  • Built-in Report Designer

Functionality Modules

Equipment Tracking With Maintenance Pro, you can track an unlimited number of pieces of equipment. Management is easier than ever, since you can store a description, make, model, serial number,…

Repair Maintenance Repair maintenance tracking is essential to your equipment management. Maintenance Pro enables you to track and monitor trends in repair maintenance, so you can decide…

Maintenance Due Notifications Maintenance Pro automatically calculates when preventive maintenance and repairs are due for your equipment and informs you of the results. At all times, the main screen…

History Recording Evaluating the maintenance history of your equipment decreases downtime and outlines future financial requirements for the equipment vital to your company. As you close work…

Work Orders (Professional Edition only) The work order system generates work orders based on the maintenance due for each piece of equipment. This edition of our CMMS software automatically adds the necessary PM,…

Preventative Maintenance Maintenance Pro makes it easy to see when a vehicle or piece of equipment is due for service at all times. Automated and color-coded preventive maintenance alerts will…

Parts (Deluxe and Professional Editions only) The comprehensive Maintenance Pro parts system allows you to itemize the parts your equipment needs. You can record part details, such as part numbers, descriptions, unit…

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