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Department Manager’s Space and Equipment Inventory module is a state-of-the-art space and equipment tracking system. The Space component tracks information such as room square footage, room ownership by department, division and faculty, room usage, and the equipment located in it. A user defined coding system allows organizations to tailor the database to their individual needs. When used with the grant module, it can compare department faculty based on the amount of their grant funding per square foot of research space.

The Equipment Inventory component records specific information about each piece of capital equipment used by your organization. Over 45 variables, including equipment description, manufacturer, origin of purchase, cost, location, and current status (missing, discarded, or in use) are tracked for each item. When used with a bar-code scanner, it can completely automate your equipment tracking process.


  • Track space use from two points of view:
    • An architect’s: lab, office, conference room, etc
    • An administrator: research, teaching, administration, etc
  • Track shared and borrowed space Space and Equipment ownership assigned by corporation, department, division, and faculty
  • Assign employees and grants to individual rooms
  • Records total square feet and number of workstations per room
  • Supports industry standard (Hegis) and user-defined coding systems
  • Tracks research dollars per square foot of research space by individual faculty or department
  • Track space utilization to aid in Indirect Cost Calculations
  • Interfaces to bar-code scanners for automating equipment location verification
  • Quickly identify missing equipment
  • Compute Equipment Depreciation

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"Space/Equipment" is part of the Department Manager line of products, developed by Information Technology Works.

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