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Department Accountant is also a management system. It maintains university-defined accounts (funds), and user-defined cost centers for managing special commitments (such as faculty startup funds or internally sponsored research) within a department. In addition, personnel salary distributions are maintained for projecting and encumbering salary and fringe benefit costs. The resulting reports combine actual expenditures as well as future encumbrances for both personnel and non-personnel accounting.

Department Accountant includes data entry, reconciliation, report options, and on-line documentation. Help functions allow users to select account, cost center and object code information from look up files. Indirect cost encumbrances can be automatically calculated for grant accounts. Reports can be generated for individual or groups of accounts and cost centers. Breakdown reports provide detailed transaction information grouped and subtotaled by object lines.

Easy to read summary reports allow administrators and staff to manage grants, trust funds, state funds, revolving funds, clinical income funds and special commitments. These reports are available with budget, encumbrance, expenditure, and balance information. Salary distributions of employees currently paid from an account can be printed with the account balance. User-defined identification codes provide a third dimension to Department Accountant. These codes allow the financial management of projects or expenditures that use both accounts and special commitments.

Department Accountant can be installed on either a stand-alone computer or a local area network (LAN). When installed on a network, multiple accountants can perform data entry, reconciliation, and report functions simultaneously. If you have centralized account management, you can pull the balance for the entire department with a couple of mouse clicks.

Department Accountant is a valuable tool for management accounting. It provides reports for meeting future needs now.

A free demonstration copy of the software is available for trial use. It includes help from IT Works support staff to walk you through the installation and help/training via our Internet-based WebDemo system to get you started. The demonstration product will allow you to use the product up to 100 times in order to get complete understanding of the product. Should you decide to purchase it, we convert the demonstration license to a valid license for your organization and you continue using the software without loosing any of the information you have entered during the trial process.

Your purchase of Department Accountant includes a copy of the software, up to 3 hours of training via WebDemo and a year of technical support.

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