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Infor SunSystems PSA

A web‑based staff utilization solution designed by Infor.
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Improve service delivery

In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, companies must work harder than ever to manage their most valuable assets—people and projects. Whether companies have internal or external clients, they can benefit from a technology solution that ensures the efficient delivery of services they provide. By automating resource management, time and expenses management, and billing, organizations can improve staff utilization and drive revenue recovery. And by choosing a comprehensive, collaborative, and knowledge-enhancing solution, they can improve client relationships and gain vital intelligence on the operational costs they incur—fulfilling the requirement for project accounting and activity-based costs.

Infor can help

With more than 20 years of experience built in, Infor™ SunSystems PSA effectively addresses the needs of skills- and project-based organizations, where the rapid capture of data is vital. Used by the banking and finance industry, consulting engineers, surveyors, IT and management consultants, and advertising agencies—as well as professional service departments within corporations—Infor SunSystems PSA is particularly beneficial to companies that need to clearly see how they’re utilizing consultants and recovering associated revenues.

Designed by experts with personal experience managing services-led businesses, SunSystems PSA instills and maintains good business practices enterprise-wide. The Infor SunSystems philosophy of quality and value-added service ensures a seamless link between Infor SunSystems PSA solutions and a company’s existing business systems and processes.

Get business specific

A suite of integrated applications, Infor SunSystems PSA is aimed at organizations that offer the services of skilled staff on a project basis, either to external clients or in-house. Infor SunSystems PSA makes it possible to effectively plan projects and resources, plus efficiently manage and bill time and expenses. This drives revenue recovery and enhances resource utilization, which in turn improves profits, client relationships, and staff retention.

Eight Infor SunSystems PSA modules combine to provide a complete solution across the entire business lifecycle; the solution’s integrated nature supports and enhances the flow of relevant real-time information. Infor SunSystems PSA accurately and efficiently collects raw data and turns it into meaningful business knowledge to:

  • Improve cash flow through faster and more accurate billing.
  • Reduce revenue leakage through simple time and expense input routines
  • Improve staff satisfaction and retention through operational HR capabilities that assign jobs in line with availability, skills, and employee preferences and aspirations.
  • Provide full visibility and control of projects by project managers.

Get quick results

Infor SunSystems PSA was designed by professionals for professionals to smoothly dovetail with companies’ existing business processes. Whether an organization’s clients are external, third-party organizations, or internal departments, Infor SunSystems PSA can manage the efficient delivery of services to them.

By automating and speeding up administration—and streamlining and simplifying processes—Infor SunSystems PSA:

  • Reduces errors and discrepancies.
  • Strengthens resource retention and satisfaction.
  • Drives and measures operational efficiency.
  • Provides feedback to clients and management.

Plus, like all Infor Financials solutions, Infor SunSystems PSA is designed for rapid, low-cost deployment, leading to quick return on investment and low total cost of ownership. That’s why project-based organizations in various sectors—including IT, banking and finance, PR, advertising, consulting engineering, surveying, oil and gas exploration, research and development, and central government agencies—are leveraging Infor SunSystems PSA solutions to manage their most valuable assets.

Popular Functionality Modules

Microsoft Project Interface Helps users manage projects more easily and reduces training costs by integrating SunSystems PSA with Microsoft Project, a widely used project management tool. Also allows…

Billing Manager Allows total control over the entire billing process, making it invaluable to companies that charge for employees’ time or simply wish to account for internal services.…

Intra-company Charging Provides complete recognition of internal people costs. A key add-on to the Infor SunSystems PSA management suite, it can operate across project teams, worldwide offices, and…

Resource Manager Helps project-based organizations plan and manage the activities of large or complex resource pools. The application uses, and builds on, the basic resource information…

Time & Expenses Manager Provides the information required for processing, reporting, scheduling, and decision making across the enterprise, ensuring that the accuracy of information upon which other…

Complete Functionality Module List

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