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Infor Expense Management

A web‑based report writer service designed by Infor.
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Infor™ Expense Management is more than just an end-to-end travel expense management solution. Employees can plan and expense business travel; request and approve payment requests; capture time for charging to projects and cost centers; and calculate paid time off and overtime. These integrated applications share a single, intuitive interface, making them easy to learn, use, and maintain. With Expense Management, the overall result is comprehensive control over employee-initiated corporate spending. Using expense management software from Infor, even complex, multinational organizations can automate expense-related business processes and enforce policy compliance, reducing both associated administrative costs and the opportunity for accidental error and intentional fraud. With it, you can implement instantaneous global updates to policies and processes to support continuous improvement, while simultaneously managing local policies and statutory requirements. Companies like yours also use it to capture inform tion for analysis and benchmarking, identifying spending patterns that they can use to negotiate savings with vendors.

Know all your costs.

Employee-initiated expenses can account for a surprisingly large percentage of total corporate spending. In challenging economic times, companies that can’t track, analyze, and control these expenditures are missing an important opportunity for cost savings.

Consider, for example, the cost of unnecessary travel, unauthorized purchases, unused discounts and rebates, honest expense report errors, and under-billed clients. Other hidden costs can include the time and effort spent on administrative duties related to accounting for expenses and payments, as well as outright fraud. Organizations that gain control over employee-initiated spending and automate expense-related processes can see dramatic benefits to the bottom line.

Four Core Modules

Infor Expense Management includes four core modules: Infor Expense Management Travel Plans, Infor Expense Management Expense Reports, Infor Expense Management Payment Requests, and Infor Expense Management Timesheets. Each module features real-time policy notification, alerting employees to violations as they enter data, and allowing them to provide explanations or make corrections before submitting plans or expenses; configurable workflow for alerting reviewers, obtaining necessary approvals, and then triggering events such as issuing plane tickets or reimbursing expenses; and business intelligence tools to analyze the solution’s database and search for opportunities to transform spending into savings.

These applications work where you do—in your office, on the road, and around the globe. They support multiple languages and currencies, work with all international date and currency formats, and enable you to apply rules and policies specific to independent divisions or geographic locations. Expense Management also accommodates country-specific per diem rates, local taxation requirements, variable VAT rates, and mileage rates.


  • Improved employee compliance with spending policies
  • Increased savings through effective vendor negotiation and rebate usage
  • Reduction in unnecessary travel and purchases
  • Fewer people needed to process documents
  • Reduced manager time spent on approvals
  • Increased accuracy of time billed to clients and paid time off due employees
  • Higher amounts of foreign taxes reclaimed
  • Increased efficiency through effective domestic and nondomestic VAT identification
  • Reduced employee time spent on travel planning, expense reporting, time capture, and purchasing of goods and services
  • Lower administrative costs

The Infor Expense Management modules share a common, scalable, Internet-based product architecture designed to work with your existing financial, HR, payroll, and project accounting systems, and can link to multiple back-end systems of the same type. You can easily deploy them, and the solution’s System Administration Tool makes it easy for nontechnical administrators to manage changes in the company’s policies and organizational structure. Now that’s doing business better.

Functionality Modules

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