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The Part Traceability module was designed for manufacturers who require more stringent control over product tracking. Part Traceability provides this control by creating a trace record (known as a Trace Profile) for each lot number, serial number, or other grouping of a part and automatically tracks each part as it flows through your plant. Additional information including a description, expiration date, and user-definable fields can also be assigned.

Within Infor VISUAL Enterprise, Part Traceability tracks the part from receipt of materials from the vendor through to delivery of the product to the customer as well as all intermediate levels. As jobs move through the plant, operators are prompted for additional information when receiving and issuing material and reporting labor. Inquiry capabilities allow you to review the flow of material lots and serialized parts as they move through the manufacturing process.

Using the Part Traceability module, you can

  • Customize part traceability requirements and specify special tracking requirements by part
  • Assign lot numbers for purchased materials at receipt, or for finished products coming from the shop floor
  • Track raw material lot numbers
  • Use the description, expiration date, and ten user-defined fields to track information for each lot
  • Assign serial numbers to finished products and components used within a Bill of Material
  • Trace a customer shipment back to the raw material lot that was used to produce the finished part
  • Perform on-line inquiries by part for lot numbers and serial numbers received or shipped and inventory balances by lot numbers and serial numbers