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The Bar Coding module (also known as Wedge/PC Bar Coding) gives you more control over the labor entry components in your system by providing greater accuracy and immediate real time access to labor information throughout the company. Because all Infor VISUAL modules are fully integrated, any completed transaction involving a work order operation causes all associated values to be immediately adjusted. Integration with the Manufacturing Window allows you to view hours and quantities reported, either by operation or by individual labor ticket.

The Bar Coding module uses a VISUAL workstation attached to a wedge, and requires a bar coding PC station for each wedge bar code input device. Data is entered via a bar code wand or laser gun and the PC keyboard. Entries display directly on the PC screen allowing you to view more extensive information than can be displayed on a simple entry device.

Using the Bar Coding module, you can

  • Enter data quickly and accurately using a bar-code wand or laser scanner and the keyboard
  • Track labor information instantly
  • Collect data using a single collection unit
  • Choose between single and multiple job modes, and a time or cost basis for prorating multiple jobs
  • Use integrated serial and/or lot number tracking (available as an add-on module)
  • Track clock in, start setup, start run, indirect, stop, break, clock out, and more!