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Infor ERP SyteLine Multi-Currency allows you to buy and sell in foreign currencies. Tracking of base (domestic) currencies as well as extensive exchange rate tables, reduce manual transactions. SyteLine supports the following scenarios:

  • Companies who process all transactions for a month at a given exchange rate. At the end of each month (or the beginning of the next month), the company performs a revaluation of all foreign currency translations.
  • Companies who negotiate each foreign currency transaction at a fixed rate agreed with the customer/vendor. Payments are at that fixed rate. When using a fixed rate, specify that rate on the Customer Orders or Purchase Orders form’s Amounts tab. (Running the Currency Revaluation utilities will not impact these entries.)

SyteLine also allows for a mix (using both the system exchange rate and orders with fixed rates) of the previous methods described above.

  • Maintain Currency Rates and Tables
  • Use either fixed or variable rates
  • Euro conversion tools
  • FASB52 compliance
  • Recognition of currency exchange rate gains or losses
  • Maintain customer and vendor records in the foreign currency but can quickly be translated to your domestic currency
  • Maintain general ledger in your domestic currency
  • Specify the currency used by the bank for each of your accounts
  • Customer Orders defaulted in your Customer‘s currency
  • Invoices defaulted to Customer‘s currency
  • Converts Cash Receipts automatically
  • Purchase Orders defaulted in your Vendor‘s currency
  • Print checks in the Vendor‘s currency