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Infor ERP SyteLine supports the creation of Bills of Materials for manufactured parts. A Bill of Material (BOM) is the set of materials needed to complete each of the operations. The BOM can be multi-level, which means one of the materials required for operation xyz is a subassembly that has its own routing and BOM.

Changes to Bills of Materials are automatically captured at the time a Job is released. You can create a new BOM by copying it from another inventory item (which uses the current routing and BOM), another job, estimate job, or a production schedule item or release.

  • Create both the routing and Bill of Material on one screen using Engineering Workbench.
  • Copy bills of materials from jobs, items, estimates, or production schedules
  • Assign fixed and variable overhead rates to materials
  • Maintain reference information (bubble number, reference designator, assembly sequence)
  • Define alternate Bills of Materials
  • Set Items to back flush
  • Enter the percentage of scrap expected for use with planning or purchasing
  • Effectivity and obsolescence dates
  • Phantom Items
  • Where used


A routing is a group of steps which must be performed to assemble an item. This is typically a step within a Bill of Materials operation. Routings are used for planning, scheduling and costing.

  • Create both the routing and Bill of Material on one screen using Engineering Workbench.
  • Copy routings from jobs, items, estimates, or production schedules
  • Define your production standards — pieces/hour, hours/piece, fixed hours
  • Support of Outside Service routing steps
  • Capture move, queue, setup, and finish times
  • Assign fixed and variable overhead rates
  • Unlimited Notes to operations
  • Resource planning available

Engineering Change Notices (ECN)

Use the Infor ERP SyteLine Engineering Change Notices (ECN) form to control and track revisions made to a Bill of Material or to the routing of an item. The ECN process is crucial in ensuring high quality, safety, and consistency of products.

  • Approvals of changes before it can be used on Jobs or Estimates
  • Mass replace/delete
  • Enter a priority code to determine the order in which you want to implement the ECN
  • Maintain reason codes
  • Maintain distribution codes for who must be notified of the ECN change
  • Identify what needs to be changed
  • Copy ECN functionality
  • Revision Control
  • Track ECN and revision history
  • Maintain an audit trail of changes to the ECN record throughout the change process.
  • Reporting that will allow you to see the Jobs that are affected by ECNs
  • Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of changes to the Bill of Material and routings
  • Update part or document revision levels automatically upon incorporating changes.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Bills of Material:

"Bills of Material" is part of the Infor SyteLine line of products, developed by Infor.