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We have developed a variety of features that accommodates the storing of an item in multiple bins and/or warehouses. Its features include:

  • Pick tickets automatically assigning which bin to use for each line item on the order.
  • If there is insufficient stock of an item in one location, the pick ticket will split an item into multiple lines; each line with its own bin number.
  • Flexible logic permits the automatic assigning of bins based on either the quantity left in the bin, age of the stock, or areas within the warehouse(s).
  • These pick tickets may be printed as an order is entered or preferably as a batch using the Stock allocation feature described above.
  • Barcode scanning in order to record where merchandise is being stored or transferred.
  • Recording merchandise location is performed by scanning the bin location, the item and either typing the quantity or by repeated scanning of the item.
  • Locations need not be predefined for particular merchandise (Both static and dynamic bins are supported).
  • Barcodes may be encoded versions of an item number. or UPC number
  • Different barcodes may represent different unit measures of the same item.
  • Report of low stock levels in a primary picking area (advises of needed transfers).
  • Barcode scanning to take a physical count (supports RF scanner or hand held device).
  • Order Fulfillment Scanning
  • Compares merchandise being packed with the sales order to prevent the over shipping of an item and the shipping of wrong merchandise.
  • Supports the automatic assignment of carton number for appearance on the packing list.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Warehouse Management:

"Warehouse Management" is part of the Oak Street line of products, developed by Industrious Software.