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Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a requirement of most major retailers. As a result, many wholesalers need to find a viable solution to ‘make it all happen’. But with our third party interface to Oak Street, you are relieved of the technical challenges and confusion of having to understand the various modes of EDI communications: Our partnership with a leader in EDI technology takes care of all your customer specific document exchange requirements…bringing all of your documents together into one place whereby you can send and receive them with a simple-to-use interface that installs on your in-house computer. None of this requires any special technical knowledge or expertise and it’s accomplished over your existing Internet connection. Whether you have a slow dial up connection or a high-speed Internet screamer, your data moves quickly and effortlessly using our partner’s proprietary data transport.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with EDI Integration:

"EDI Integration" is part of the Oak Street line of products, developed by Industrious Software.