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Enter the UPS box-level shipping information (service, box weights, COD tag amounts, etc.) at the time of creating an invoice inside Oak Street. Oak Street, using an internal U.P.S. Zone/Freight chart determines the correct freight amount, and enters it into the freight field. That information (the information you would normally have been entering directly into U.P.S. WorldShip), gets ‘captured’ in a file that can be imported directly into the U.P.S. WorldShip program. At the click of a button, the U.P.S.-generated shipping labels for that day’s shipments can be printed all at once. Then, complete the batch to satisfy U.P.S.’s online manifest requirements.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Data Exporter To Your Shipping Services:

"Data Exporter To Your Shipping Services" is part of the Oak Street line of products, developed by Industrious Software.