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Instead of having to type credit card information manually into a credit card terminal machine (like the one you’re most likely using at present), the process will be performed from your computer, and it will automatically use the credit card information already on file for each order/invoice needing to get an authorization.

The program also allows for authorizing credit card payments one order or invoice at a time. More importantly, however, is that the interface also provides for the automated batch processing of all credit card authorizations needing to be processed for that day all at once. In other words, instead of getting credit card authorizations one at a time, this interface takes the credit card information entered via Oak Street’s invoice screen (for each ‘credit card’ order that is shipping that day), and gets an approval or decline for each one automatically. The program enters the authorization codes into each respective order/invoice’s “credit card authorization code” field, and it lets you know which orders you’ll need to put on ‘hold’ (e.g., the card was declined).

The process includes the automation of the fund transfer to your bank account (i.e., this program replaces the use of a ‘manual’ terminal but it doesn’t change the way your account is credited). Multiple merchant accounts can be handled, as well as using the ‘pre-authorization/force’ process. This feature benefits you because it:

  • Eliminate re-entering of redundant information
  • Speed up the process of getting credit card payment authorizations
  • Automatically get authorization codes entered into the invoice file
  • Processing can occur from multiple stations

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Credit Card Processing:

"Credit Card Processing" is part of the Oak Street line of products, developed by Industrious Software.