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In combination with our Stock Allocation program, this feature helps determine which orders to pack and ship now (the day the program is run), and which ones to ‘hold back’. The program achieves this by allocating available stock only to those sales orders meeting user-defined parameters related to order-fulfillment requirements you establish, and then printing formal pick tickets just for those orders. For example, let’s say that you would like to pack and ship all sales orders…

  • that are at least x % shippable (meaning that there is enough available stock to pack at least x % of the value of the order)
  • with older orders to be considered first
  • and, that orders from customers who are on ‘credit hold’ should be bypassed for the time being.

The Stock Allocation program would allow you to establish those (above) order fulfillment guidelines, and then it would systematically examine each sales order in the range specified. You would then get to ‘tag’ any orders that you decide you still want to hold back from shipping at that time, and then let the system print picking tickets for the rest. The pick tickets produced by this system display both the quantity ordered as well as the quantity to be backordered, so the warehouse employees don’t have to waste time searching for merchandise that isn’t there.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Automated Order Picking:

"Automated Order Picking" is part of the Oak Street line of products, developed by Industrious Software.