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Indus Systems

A developer of business management software designed for the finance and insurance industry.

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INDUS SYSTEMS helps our clients integrate information technology effectively within the corporate structure. Our technical consultants, developers and trainers hold industry certifications from Microsoft, Oracle, Maximizer, Sage ACCPAC, Cisco and other vendors. Our clients work only with highly experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Areas of Expertise

n-Tier Business Applications

  • Development of customized applications
  • ACCPAC ERP Customization
  • ACCPAC CRM Development
  • Maximizer-based solutions
  • Exchange Server and E-Mail Infrastructure
  • Web-Based Customer/Supplier Management

Web-Enabled Solutions

INDUS SYSTEMS develops interactive web applications with database updates to provide on-line interaction with your customers and vendors. If you are looking for effective business-to-business e-commerce solutions and web-based order fulfillment systems, you must consult with our developers.

Programming in a Variety of Environments

  • UML
  • Visual Basic
  • Active Server Pages
  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • Oracle Java Technology

Product Lines

  • INDUS Backorder System

    A order entry system designed by Indus Systems for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

    0 reviews
    • SYNDi Investment Ledger

      A general ledger application designed by Indus Systems for accounting/legal/professional and finance & insurance companies.

      0 reviews
      • SYNDi Loan Manager

        A software system designed by Indus Systems.

        0 reviews
        • SYNDi Mortgage Manager

          A report writer application designed by Indus Systems for finance & insurance and real estate & property management companies.

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