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The paperless requisition system supports up to six user-defined approval levels. Each level may be defined with thresholds for dollar amounts within and over budget. The requisition system interfaces with Microsoft Exchange for e-mail notification during the approval process. Comments made within e-mail notification are captured in the PO notes. Users may be restricted to specific General Ledger accounts and/or groups of General Ledger accounts during the requisition data input process. As each item is entered, the available budget is validated against the appropriate budget year and displayed on a line-item basis or category within a department/fund basis.

The Purchase Order system provides complete encumbrance accounting, and includes printing or reprinting of PO forms; partial or full liquidation of encumbrances; and analysis of open, closed, or voided PO’s. Each PO may be distributed to any combination of eighty funds and accounts. As invoices are received against PO’s, receipts may be recorded as complete, partial, voided, etc. A one-step process is provided for instances when PO’s are issued after invoices are already received.

The system properly accounts for amounts encumbered in the previous year and expensed in the current year. The system supports recurring PO’s, blanket PO’s, and user defined “templates” that facilitate distribution to predefined accounts. Powerful inquiry capabilities are provided throughout the system.

Several “standard” forms exist for printing purchase orders. Or, customers may have custom print programs developed for use with their existing forms

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