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INCODE’s Municipal Court System has incorporated many user-selected options to allow the Court to tailor the system to its needs. Master files are used to reduce the need to re-enter often-used information, codes, persons, and vehicles. Some features include docket numbers which can be manually entered, automatically entered by the system, or the citation number can be automatically used as the docket number. The system does not allow the same docket number or citation number to be used more than once. Citation books can be tracked by date and officer issued to.

Citation File

Multiple violations may be entered on a single citation. The fees/costs/fine can be increased or decreased without affecting other citations with the same violation. The system tracks juveniles, minors and adults by flagging the case at the time of entry. A complaint form can be printed for each violation on each citation entered. Certain violations can be flagged to not print a complaint. The complaint form for each violation is user-defined. A user-defined letter/subpoena can be produced automatically to send to the parent/guardian of juvenile offenders.

Master Name File

The Master Name file holds information on all persons in the court system. Once a person is added, they can be attached to multiple citations without re-entering their personal information.

Payments and Disposition of Cases

The system can receive payment in full or partial payments. Bonds can be posted and forfeited or applied to pay fees/costs/fines. Credit can be applied to a case for various types of community service or jail time. Cases can be set for pre-trial, hearings, trials by judge, or trials by jury and a case docket printed for each pending court session or prior court sessions. Fees can be added automatically based on status.


InCourt produces the conviction report to the State (Texas & Missouri format for mag. media reporting). Dockets can be run to show previous violations. Outstanding bonds list, bonds posted, bonds Forfeited/Refunded/ Applied or transferred. Disposed of bond listing by Forfeited/Refunded/Applied or transferred. Import juror database from County/City voter records. Maintain Juror information - address, exempt status, voter registration numbers and create jury pools and clear previous pools.

Reporting Convictions/Warrants

Diskette reporting to MSB (Texas). Diskette reporting to OMNIBASE (Texas). State conviction reporting for Texas, Missouri, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma.

An integrated document imaging system is also available.