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The INCODE Forms Printing Solution is composed of two modules which work together to provide a one-step forms printing solution. These modules may be used to print payroll and accounts payable checks as well as purchase orders and other forms. The modules may also be used separately.

Forms Overlay

The Forms Overlay product allows you to save in the area of printing costs by producing your own professional looking documents, such as payroll and accounts payable checks. You can choose from any of the standard, pre-formatted forms or produce a customized form to meet your specific needs. Your documents can incorporate logos and any other pertinent information. MICR coding can also be printed directly to your checks through the use of magnetic toner. The Forms Overlay module easily interfaces with your existing INCODE system(s).

Secure Signatures

The Secure Signatures module provides for increased efficiency by allowing signatures of authorized personnel to be printed directly onto documents such as payroll and accounts payable checks and purchase orders. In order to maintain a desired level of accountability in check disbursement, the Secure Signatures product allows for several signatures on a single form when multiple authorizations are necessary. The required signatures are simply scanned, prepared for printing, encrypted, saved, and retrieved when required for approval. Security exists to prevent unauthorized use of signatures. The Secure Signatures product can be configured to use checks created through the use of INCODE’s Forms Overlay module or pre-printed checks from the vendor of your choice.