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The Contact and Property Consoles allow tracking of pertinent information relating to individuals, entities, and properties within your city. These modules formulate the base of INCODE’s Customer Relationship Management system (Utility CIS, Complaint Tracking/Code Enforcement, Building Permits & Inspections, Business License, and Accounts Receivable) by allowing for a central data repository for all related applications.

Contact Console

This application allows for tracking of all information relating to individuals and entities within your city. The customer is able to determine what general information (such as address, phone number, and employer) to store. Additionally, because the CRM systems are integrated, all pertinent information from the other modules is available. If you desire to see more detailed information regarding a specific account or property related to a given contact, the interaction between applications allows “one step” access to the complete account or property record.

Property Console

The Property Console is your answer for storage and retrieval of data concerning properties such as premises, streets, intersections, and alleys. General information such as addition, block, and legal description can be stored, and the interface with the INCODE CRM modules, allows easy access to information regarding any accounts associated with a particular property. Information regarding Contacts for specific properties, such as name, relationship, and percent ownership can also be easily maintained. Because each property has a unique identifier, interfacing to your City’s GIS system is simplified.

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